Sadie Malinda Nelson, with her curly blonde hair and light green eyes, was quite unprepared to awaken in a world two-hundred years earlier, on the morning of the first New Madrid earthquake. Nothing looks familiar, until she looks up into the eyes of the man who rescued her from the storms and floods. His voice, when he says, “I have you,” for the first time, at once mesmerizes and comforts her. She knows that voice. Doesn’t she?

Aden Barrett is an estate owner who brings an unconscious Sadie to the house in his arms. Her dress is tremendously unladylike, and when he has to clap his hand over her mouth as she speaks for the first time, he realizes this beautiful young woman has a mouth on her like a sailor at sea.

Sadie is terrified at the thought of having to try to adapt, and is determined to get back home, even if that means leaving the family she’s grown to love. She knows Aden is trying to help her. Even so, she is determined not to learn the skills she needs to remain there in the past. And Aden is determined that she will. Even if it means he will need to discipline her in the process.

Publisher’s Note: Sweet time travel romance, containing strong 1800’s style discipline. If this is not to your liking, please do not read.



Author Interview

with Pippa Greathouse



At what age did you know you wanted to be an author?

Eleven! It never changed after that. When spring fever hit every year, all I wanted to do was to go sit outside in the sun in the spring breeze, and have a pencil and paper in my hand. I still do!


What is your writing process like?

It usually starts with one scene, and goes from there. I’ve always been such a pantser, but lately I’ve discovered the joys of plotting, and I absolutely love it! There’s something wonderful about already knowing where you’re going next.


Do you like to listen to music when you write?

No, I love peace and quiet when I write.  The music is for when I clean house—and it’s usually the oldies.


Favorite genre?

Historical Fiction. I also love murder mysteries. Lately I’ve really enjoyed reading and writing time travel.


Libraries or Bookstores?

Both! I love going to bookstores, but also love the smell and the quiet of a library. The feeling of holding books in my hands is priceless!


Where do you find the inspiration for writing?

Most of it comes from dreams. Mine are quite vivid and seem very detailed.


How much research do you typically do on a novel?

Fifty percent, at least, sometimes more, is done on every book. It isn’t just things like dress, or speech. It’s the background materials done for things like a certain area during the Civil War, or the New Madrid Earthquakes, or the Revolutionary War. Those can’t be rushed, or skimped on. But it’s also half the fun, for me!


Macie’s War (The Strasburg Chronicles)

by Pippa Greathouse


When Macie Welles follows her aunt’s wishes in intercepting a letter to General Howe, in January of 1778, she barely makes it back alive. And she has no idea she will be captured by one of General Washington’s most fierce and trusted men, Captain and soon-to-be Major Jake Wilde. When she is caught a few days later, rummaging through the captain’s saddlebags, she has no idea her whole life is about to change.

Captain Wilde, forced to take her into his tent to strip her and search her, has no idea that, as he looks down into the pleading face of this dark-eyed, golden-haired, beautiful girl, she is about to steal his heart. Is she truly a spy? Could he possibly save her from the fate that awaits her now? Or is it too late?

Publisher’s Note: A sweet, historical love story, with elements of stern, colonial discipline. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.



About the Author

Pippa Greathouse was eleven when she gave her elegant little teacher near-heart failure by writing a story about her classmates full of blood guts and gore (which they all dearly loved). It was from then on that she knew she wanted to write. But those stories changed to spy stories, space travel stories, and then romances before long.  She’s always loved reading about strong alpha men in her books, and strong independent mouthy females (which don’t always get away with being so mouthy). Now she writes about them as well.

Despite the fact that she now writes mostly historical fiction in the 19th century, she has utter support from her children and her husband, who is her own personal hero.

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