U.S. Marshal Tyler Carrington is assigned by the Governor to protect Judge Seth Gilbertson from the Howard brothers, who have escaped the prison where he sent them. What Tyler doesn’t count on is the judge’s spitfire of a daughter, who has a mind of her own and who decides she can protect her father far better than Tyler can. The two strike sparks off each other, especially when Tyler feels he has a score to settle with the ungrateful redhead. He puts her over his knee and spanks her, not feeling one bit guilty for doing so.
The judge is kidnapped despite their combined efforts to keep him safe, and they must work together to save his life. Tyler vows he is going to spank the redhead again when she sneaks up behind him after he ordered her to remain in town. They trail the Howards, hoping that Seth is still alive and uninjured. When a shot rings out, Fanny is convinced her father is dead, and she bursts through the door of the cabin where they are holding Seth, anxious to get to him, putting herself in danger, too. Tyler is positive that dealing with the little minx will take a spanking a day for the rest of their lives.
Publisher’s Note: This book contains the spanking of an adult woman. If such material offends, please do not purchase.
Humbling Hayley by Jennie May

What do you get when a city girl pretends she knows how to sell tractors? Hayley Reynolds can tell you. As an executive at the Reilley Corporation, Hayley’s job is to market farm equipment. Unfortunately for her, her degree in marketing does her absolutely no good, as she doesn’t have a clue about farming or her customer base.
Joel has been sent in to make the company a success. Will his suggestion to send Hayley to rural Nebraska turn the situation around? Will Hayley learn more than she wanted to know about life in a small, farming community?
Publisher’s Note:  This romantic comedy contains domestic discipline style punishment as well as playful scenes.