Return to Big Sky by Jade Cary

“Old cowboys never die; they just quit horsing around. Or this one: Old cowboys never die; they just smell that way. I had three or four others swirling in my head, all of them dumb, except to the cowboy-or to the cowgirl who loved him. Rehashing stupid quotes about cowboys kept me from focusing on the one true thing, and that was the unexpected passing of my father, Charles Asher.”
It has been fifteen years since Chandler Asher saw home, and it took the death of a father she hadn’t seen and hardly spoke to in those years to force her reluctant return to Big Sky. Being sent away to school during the most formative years of her life has left a hole as big as the Madison Range and a rage hotter than a timber fire, and she carries it with her as she returns to Cameron, Montana to bury her father.
Jed Brooks has been a part of the Asher Ranch since Chandler was a little girl, and it is Jed that Chandler most dreads-and longs-to see. She has loved him all of her life, and as they lay Charles Asher to rest, those feelings of love and longing resurface. Chandler is no longer a child, and Jed is a grown man with a lifetime behind him and little tolerance for the little girl who grew up and never came home.
Amid the splendor of a Western Montana fall, where men are men and cowboys never die, Chandler finds comfort amongst family as she comes to grips with a life she has missed for fifteen years. And when the bitter truth about the father she thought she knew reveals itself, and someone from outside the family threatens to destroy all that Charles Asher has built, Chandler must let go of the past to save a legacy and a family she’s only now come to appreciate.
Man and Wife by Carolyn Faulkner

Marielle DeVane had her life planned out. Her fiancée, Evan, was everything she wanted in a man, and their marriage would be the culmination of years of fantasizing about their perfect life together.
But the rich and powerful Connor Wetherby, Duke of Whitford, had other plans for her, plans that Mari found herself unexpectedly subject to when her brother’s debts forced her to wed the overbearing stranger rather than her beloved.
Mari was used to getting her way, and she was not one bit happy with the turn her life had taken. Con liked Mari’s spirit, and he was looking forward to the challenge of taming her, surprised to find that he was already half in love with the little baggage.
His dream of finding his feelings returned by his bride seemed hopeless when she proved, time and again, that her heart belonged to another.
But when Evan turns up, and things spiral out of control, will Mari realize which man truly has her heart?
Publisher’s Disclaimer: Man and Wife is one of Carolyn Faulkner’s sweet historical romances, complete with romantic sexual scenes and spankings.
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A Prairie Promise by Libby Campbell

Surfer Kylie Sandford has always spent Christmas around someone’s pool or on the beach in her native Australia. When she spends Christmas in Canada, her handsome next door neighbor, Will Reimer, becomes a self-appointed guardian and guide to the frozen white north. When Kylie flaunts his rules, she finds a white Christmas comes with a red bottom.