You’re not allowed to be a coward and be in love. You must choose one.

Special Agent Laura Logan had a difficult childhood and that’s putting it mildly. She channeled her buried rage into her studies, earned a law degree and joined the FBI. As a member of the new human trafficking task force, she wants to impress – and she wants to make the perps pay.

Detective Lieutenant Steve Moretti moonlights at a very exclusive club in return for free membership and other perks. His family is pressuring him to find a nice woman and settle down, but that bridge was burned by his ex. His new view: Marriage is betting half your stuff that you’ll love someone forever.

A kidnapping shocks Steve’s town and the FBI is called in. Steve and Laura meet at the crime scene, sparks fly, and they work the case together. As passion ignites, their ‘no love’ commandment is tested. Can they overcome the heartbreak of betrayal and learn to love before it’s too late? Or are they so afraid they’ll refuse to love at all?

This is book two in the Steel and Desire series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, adventure, danger and power exchange.



Appropriately lathered and rinsed, he told Laura, “Sit.” He applied gentle pressure on her shoulders guiding her down to the shower bench. “Pull your knees up and apart, your heels on the seat.”

Laura gazed up through her wet lashes. “What will you do?”

“No talking, pet, we’re in protocol.”

“Yes, Sir.” She licked her lips and Steve almost put his cock in her mouth.

He unhooked the handheld attachment and pressed the button, releasing a stream of water. “I’m going to make you come with this.”

Laura blinked several times, yet remained silent.

Kneeling in front of her, he aimed the jet between her legs, moving the stream in a circular motion. Laura gasped and moaned, her hands tightly gripping the bench. She thrust her chest out and her head fell back against the black marbled tile. Her body responded to the water pressure with little wiggles.       He switched the button so the stream pulsed in little spurts, keeping the pressure on her clit.

Laura’s moans became louder and her back arched. Almost there. He was intent on making her climax without touching her. But there would be touching… soon. Laura closed her eyes and a momentary panic seized him. Would eyes closed lead to a panic attack? Hopefully she wouldn’t go there again, ever.

He continued the assault on her vagina until she finally screamed her release. The most beautiful sound in the universe. She grabbed his hand forcing the stream away from her body.

“Oh God. That’s enough. I can’t take any more.”

Steve rose and returned his torture implement to its bracket. “Well done, pet.”

“Damn. How did you do that?”

“Skill, my dear. I’m a pro, remember?”

“I’ll say. But now it’s my turn and I don’t want any resistance this time.”