She’s not looking for love. He’s open to the possibility. Will love conquer all?

Special Agent Molly Masterson is in a dark place after the tragic death of her husband, Sam. If it wasn’t for the nanny, her four-year-old daughter, Justice, would have suffered severe neglect. Her boss finally confronts her along with her three best gal pals, also FBI agents, forcing her back to work with the lure of heading a new task force targeting the newly coined crime: Sextortion. She soon discovers being back at work is exactly what she needed.

Suffolk County Chief ADA, Ian Turner, recently returned to Long Island from Detroit, Michigan, after the death of his fiancée, murdered for $24 and her engagement ring. He works at the playground of the elite St. Andrews Club on the weekends, training new submissives and performing dungeon master duties as needed.

Molly and Ian meet on a case and their mutual attraction is instantaneous and combustible. But Molly isn’t looking for love, it’s too soon after Sam’s death to even consider dating another man. The case morphs into an internal scandal involving a local judge, who is promptly arrested but, the fallout results in Ian and Molly being kidnapped. Captive on a small skiff in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, they fight for their lives… and for love. Will Molly take another chance on love? Or are the risks of getting her heart broken again too great?

This is book four in the Steel and Desire series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, danger, action, adventure, sensual scenes, power exchange and a happily ever after. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Molly closed her eyes, barely able to breathe. He lay atop her, crushing her into the mattress, kissing her passionately, as they melded into one another. Their emotions fusing into the physical act of love-making. Two people head over heels, desperately. Oh God.

His fingers fanned out through her hair, his hand stiffening at the back of her neck. His grip tightened. His hand tensed, pulling on her hair. It hurt a little yet she wanted him to do it again, again, again.

“Touch yourself,” he whispered. “I want you to touch yourself.”

He pushed her hand between her legs and guided her finger against her wet clit. She moaned, their joined hands rubbing, taking her higher. He spread her thighs wide and forced himself inside as she continued to explore with her fingers, playing with his shaft, feeling the physical connection, the oneness.

He grabbed her hips and sank in deep, moving her up and down his cock, slowly, tenderly, controlled. His tongue teased her lips, then he took her hand and lifted it to his lips, licking her fingers. She tilted her hips and rolled with each thrust. He pressed in further, shifting the angle, each stroke rubbing her clit as he cradled her ass, shoving her onto him.

“Don’t you dare come,” he said.

“Ian, I can’t hold out much longer.” She pressed her lips together, stifling a moan.

“You will.”

He raised a leg over his shoulder and plunged in deep, deeper. He bit down on her shoulder, as her hips rose as if to challenge him, the scent of their mingled desire overwhelming.


He flipped her onto her stomach and spread her legs, then got up and grabbed her thighs, dragging her down the mattress, toward the edge of the bed. Standing between her legs, supported by nothing but his hands, her hips and torso still on the bed, he entered her again and she felt every inch of him. Weightless, grounded only by him, his pace aggressive, as if he couldn’t get enough. Each thrust shook her world. She grabbed the sheets to keep from floating away as the wave of her orgasm crested.

“Now, darling. Come for me.”

A starry nebula of white erupted behind her eyelids. “Oh God, oh Jesuuss.”

“Nicely, done, darling.”

But he wasn’t done.

So, she wasn’t done.

Molly climbed on top of him, her body still reeling from the heights of passion. She straddled his cock and reset the rhythm, throwing her head back as she rode him home, his hands massaging her thighs. The trembling began anew and she moved faster. The fire inside raging, the lovemaking erupting in spectacular triumph as he joined her in this climax. Molly gasped, her whole body quivered.

A tender explosion of—

His shaft throbbed inside her and she collapsed on his torso, her breathing erratic, gasping like a runner finishing a sprint. Her cheek against his chest, she lay listening to his heartbeat. They stayed like that for a long time, a series of gentle moments sheltered in a warm embrace.