A recent college graduate, Ty Anderson agrees to move to his grandfather, Cord’s, ranch and head up an aggressive plan to improve the quality of his cattle and horses, making it profitable again. Things are going well until his grandfather becomes ill, requiring the services of a home caregiver. Melanie Lambert eagerly accepts the position, moving onto the ranch to be near her patient.

Cord adores her. She’s exactly what his grandson needs in a woman and isn’t above playing the matchmaker. When his health takes a turn for the worse, everything plunges into uncertainty. Will Ty be able to carry on without his grandfather’s encouragement and support? And what happens to Melanie, if her services are no longer needed? Can their budding relationship survive the major life changes in their future?

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“What I’m doing is called a spanking, and it’s meant to hurt at the time, but only your bottom. It’s also only a temporary soreness. You could have been hurt very seriously on that four wheeler, or by other dangers out here.” He paused a moment before she heard him say, in a rather shaky voice, “You could have even been killed.”

After a moment, his stern voice reappeared, and he continued, both talking and spanking. “I will not allow you to wander around out here and get hurt. I’ve just been able to admit to myself that I care very deeply for you, and I will not allow you to get hurt before we even have a chance to see if this chemistry I feel we have between us is the real, long lasting kind, like I think and hope it is.”

He was still spanking, and although it hurt, listening to his words had a rather numbing effect on her bottom. The only thing she could process at that moment was what he was saying to her. Was he saying he felt they had chemistry and he wanted to explore that? Was he coming on to her, when he already had a girlfriend, maybe even someone he was engaged to? If so, he wasn’t the man she thought he was.

Her mind went back to what he was doing, as he spanked her harder than he had been as he asked, “Well? I asked what you have to say for yourself. This is not a good time to ignore me, but if that’s the way you want to play this, I can start over.”

“No,” she said quickly. “I’m sorry. No, please don’t start over. I’m so sore, I can’t stand anymore,” she said as she realized that was indeed the case.

He pulled her up, but when she tried to run, he grabbed her arm and pulled her down onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around her, which confused her even more. Was that to make sure she didn’t run off, like she’d planned to, or was he coming on to her? If it was the latter, he certainly had a strange way of wooing a lady. But what about Shelly?

Again, her mind was brought back to him when he said, “Well, I’m waiting for some answers. Are you ready to talk to me, or do we need to try that spanking again?”

“No! No, I’m ready to talk, but ––”

“But what?” The stern voice he’d been using, which she’d never heard before, was gone, and he seemed more like the Ty she’d let herself fall for, which was dangerous. She had to remind herself of Shelly, so she could get to the bottom of this. “Melanie?”

She heard the warning in that, and she blurted out the first thing that came to her mind. “What about Shelly?”

He had been holding onto her with one arm wrapped around her, while rubbing her back with the other, which she found very soothing. His rubbing hand stilled and he turned to look down at her. “What? What does Shelly have to do with you taking the four wheeler without permission, or any of this?”

“Didn’t you say you wanted to see if the chemistry you feel between us is real?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Then what about Shelly? Ty, I don’t know what you may think of me, but I’m a one man woman. I don’t believe in seeing two or more at the same time.”