Reese Gamble is a forty-year-old single woman in a town of settled couples in Johnson City. Not quitefitting in, she wears her mask to protect herself. To the outside world, she’s quite successful and happy. On the inside, though, her life is missing something, and she’s not sure she will ever find it.

Jason Cording is a successful, strong business man from Dallas, who sees right through Reese’s mask on the night they meet for the first time. Jason sees Reese as a strong independent woman, but he also sees a woman with vulnerabilities and insecurities, a woman he very much wants to get to know better and show how strong and sexy she truly is.

A dangerous situation, Reese’s insecurities, and Jason’s unwillingness to face the pain of a past loss threaten the happiness the two discover in one another. Can Reese trust herself enough to give Jason a chance? Is Jason strong enough to show Reese what she has been missing in her life? Can they trust each other enough to find the love they both have always sought?

Publisher’s Note: This suspenseful romance includes elements of power exchange, explicit scenes, and adult language. If any of these elements offend you, please do not purchase.