Risk-taker and adventure-seeker Ellen Wyld scoffs at local superstition. It is nonsense to believe that her cousins disappeared during a meteor shower while camped at the river. To disprove such balderdash, she camps at the dreaded spot during a night of heavenly fireworks.

But the legend proves true, and Ellen tumbles one hundred years into the past and joins her cousins in Texas, 1890. 

When Ellen falls for Skip Manning, the son of the family’s enemy, no one is pleased. But Ellen gets what Ellen wants, and she wants Skip. This suits him just fine. He wants her. He plans to reform his lovely Wyld Woman ​and teach her thoughtfulness, respect and responsibility – over his knee if necessary.  

Can headstrong, spoiled Ellen learn to live in a time when these qualities are not so widely accepted in a woman? Will Skip ever tame this wild twentieth century free spirit without dampening her lust for life – and for him? 

Publisher’s Note: This time travel romance contains explicit scenes and elements of power exchange. 


A note from the author 


Dear Reader!

Thanks for your interest in my Texas Time Travel Series. I have always been a time-travel junkie, and a lover of cowboys. So, what could be better than traveling back to Texas and cowboys, open range, and did I mention, cowboys? Hot, hard, handsome cowboys!

I love, love, love to read. Where else can you time-travel, fall in love with a duke, or join a safari? Reading takes you places, introduces you to people, gives you experiences you can’t get any other way.

Historical romance is my absolute favorite to both read and to write. Take me to new horizons, but do it in the arms of a strong, virile man, and I’m in heaven.

Join me in the old west! Where tall, muscular cowboys know exactly how to handle misbehaving women.

I have my tea and my chocolate ready to go!


Take care,

Victoria Phelps




Her bottom was a little heart with a dimple at the top of each adorable cheek. He stroked from the top of her thighs to the bottom of her back. He traced the outline of her waist to the flare of her hips and back up to the smooth expanse of her upper body. His hand encountered her firm breasts pressed into his thighs. Working his hand under her body, he took possession. He rolled her nipple between his fingers. Ellen groaned and pushed her pelvis into his thigh.

She spread her knees in invitation. “Not yet, darlin’. We have business to attend to.”