Will the enigmatic Lord Warrington’s dark seductive games be the death of her?


dakrobsession1After a chance encounter on a busy London street, Lord Pierce Warrington vowed she would be his… he just needed to learn her name. As an American, Sarah Grey still had a lot to learn about British society. She didn’t, however, need to be told handsome lords who handled you intimately and demanded to know your name were trouble.
She made her living as a model with Mrs. Mildred Needham’s Studio of Virtuous Young Beautiful Women Artist Models. While it was certainly better than a life in domestic service, sitting for painters and sculptors was not nearly as exciting as Sarah would have hoped. That is until Lord Pierce Warrington strolls in looking to hire a model.
Lord Warrington is highly influential in the new medium of photography. He decides Sarah is his perfect muse… and perfect for a little sinful seduction. Will she be willing to play his dark games? Will she understand his need to explore the delicate balance of pleasure and pain? To capture it on film? To capture her.
What starts as a dangerous seduction turns treacherous when an attempt is made on Sarah’s life. Will the enigmatic Lord Warrington’s games be the death of her?
*This book contains domestic discipline, spankings, creative punishments and anal play.

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