Disillusioned CEO Tucker James needed a date for December. Every holiday season, Tucker, as expected, attended several high profile parties. He needed to have someone luscious on his arm, with no strings attached, to keep the female wolves at bay. He would initiate a contract like the last two years. $1000 per event, all expenses paid, and he was not to be contacted after December 23rd. Simple, until he saw her picture, met her, and suddenly all things became negotiable.

Hope Michaels needed extra money for her New Year’s vacation. Co-owning a boutique was something she loved, but it didn’t have the clientele to support anything but budget vacations so far. Her best friend convinced her to apply for an opportunity that would afford Hope a great vacation and give her new business connections. It should have been simple to do until she met Tucker and suddenly life just got a whole lot more complicated.

*** Free for 24 hrs only – until Monday morning (Dec. 4th) ***