The Ogden sisters couldn’t be more different if they were born in different parts of the world. Barbara had been driving her entire family crazy with her plans for a Christmas wedding, and couldn’t seem to understand why no one was enthused with the idea.

Katherine, the younger sister, was a schoolteacher, and wanted to enjoy her Christmas break. She felt that it was her sister’s wedding, and instead of insisting that everyone else make the decorations, she should be at home making them herself, or at least helping.

The household was tense, and when mother, Naomi, told her youngest daughter she could leave if she pleased, Katherine’s reaction to the implied guilt didn’t work as planned. Katherine was out the door in a second to go skating at a pond set aside for that purpose. Katherine was in her own little world, skating to music only she could hear, when she was picked up from behind, and told in a beautifully deep male voice that he intended to make her his Christmas bride. Katherine talked with the man for a while, without being able to see him. When he put her down, he gave her a spin and skated away before she could see who it was. Intrigued, she wondered if she would see him again. If she did, would he be the firm man of her dreams?

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