xmas2015banner2There’s never been a December like this one at Blushing Books!  In past years, we’ve had one or two books as a free promotion, but last year we tried something new and the response was great! This year we’re stepping up to the Christmas tree like we’ve never done before.

Beginning Sunday – December 6th  and continuing for the next eleven days, we have a free novella every day.   That’s right – the Twelve Days of Christmas 2015.  And these are not recycled oldies.   These titles are new, exclusive to Blushing, and by some of your favorite authors, including Louise Taylor, Rayanna Jamison, April Hill, Carol Storm, Bryony Kildare, and Isabella Kole. The collection contains Victorian, Western, two snow storms, a super model down on her luck, a modern day princess and more!

Each new book will remain free for ONLY for 24 hours.  To get the free book, you’ll need to visit every day.


And – at the end of the Twelve Days, there’s an amazing surprise!  Once the Twelve Naughty Days are over, we’re posting a contest form.  The contest form will contain a simple question about each book.  Answer each question and enter.  From the successful entries, we’ll be drawing for a grand prize Kindle Fire!