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His Passionate Pioneer by Maggie Ryan

Anna Martin has never lived her life in accordance with what others might think. Now, hiding behind the trunk of a tree, she’s beginning to truly regret that fact. Listening to her reputation being ripped apart is making her suspect that her Ma’s warnings are most likely coming true. After all, what man would ever consider courting-let alone wedding-a woman who never stops to consider what consequences her actions might have?


Richard Andrews has just returned to Crooked Creek after being gone for three years. The day he’d left, he’d heard Anna screeching that she hated being a girl. He’d also seen her spirit as her Pa had picked her up, turned her across his knee and given her a spanking. Richard has secretly loved Anna for years, and has returned to claim the feisty little copper-haired girl who has grown into a beautiful woman.


He loves her spirit and her determination, and knows both will serve her well. Without her by his side, the dream he is working so hard to fulfill would be worthless. He wants the angel he knows she is-as well as the wanton lover he can detect in her flashing eyes. By the time they reached a marriage agreement, she’d know that she was loved and could always count on him to keep her in line-even if that means turning his passionate pioneer over his knee on a regular basis. Now all he has to do is convince her to trust him; convince her to become his wife.


Can Anna push aside her pride and actually turn to another for help? She remembers Mr. Andrews very well from when she was just fifteen years old. She’d been devastated when he’d simply ridden away that day. Why was he back, and what did he mean when he asked her to trust him? All she really knew was that, the moment he took her hand, her heart was lost…


Maggie Ryan has done it again in this, the novel that was born in another of her best-sellers, Treasured Submission; she has woven a romantic tale of a proud yet sweet young woman who is willing to do anything-even travel across nineteenth century America into the great unknown-in order to be with the alpha male she loves. This story contains severe spanking, anal play, and explicit erotic scenes. If such material offends you, please do not purchase this book.


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