flash saleWe don’t often do them, but usually a few times each year we’ll have a storewide sale here at Blushing Books…& today is the day!   Starting today (& until Thursday evening), everything in the Blushing Books store is 20% off!
This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on new releases & books from all of your favorite Blushing authors and save 20% off your order!


Just in the past few weeks we’ve added new titles from Stevie MacFarlane, Maggie Ryan, Carl Hamlin, Rachel DeVine, Vanessa Brooks, Isabella Kole , Bella Bryce, Dinah Mcleod, Mary Wehr, Rayanna Jamison…& many more!


This offer is only for subscribers on our email list &/or previous customers and you MUST use a coupon code at checkout ( 20percent ) in order for the discount to be applied.  Also, this offer is only good at the Blushing Books store (www.BlushingBooks.com) – NOT for our books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other sites.


Don’t delay…this special offer is for a very limited time only and ends at Midnight sharp this Thursday, July 16th.


Happy Shopping!  🙂



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