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Betrothed by Bethany Leigh

Lady Cassandra is betrothed to the man she loves – but she doesn’t think it right that he will inherit her family’s estate one day. So, with two friends, she attends a Freedom for Women League rally. Lady Margia and the Freedom for Women League are fighting for the right of women to vote, own property, and not be subject to the discipline of their menfolk.
The campaign could change Lady Cassandra’s future – but when she gets caught attending the rally, it makes her present life a lot less comfortable…
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Freedom by Bethany Leigh

Lady Margia and her Freedom for Women League are scandalising Edwardian England – demanding the right to vote, own property, and not to be spanked by their menfolk. Lady Margia is determined that her campaign will succeed – whatever the cost. But how can she reconcile her beliefs with the attraction she feels towards the traditional Sir Cormac Adair?
Meanwhile, Lady Isobelle sees Lady Margia’s campaign as her chance to inherit her family estate, and, along with her maid Edie, breaks household rules and attends a local rally.
Join Lady Margia, Lady Isobelle and Edie as they hit the campaign trail, encountering intrigue, romance, spankings and surprises along the way.
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