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Continuing Education by Gray Gardner

Could they really last? The professor and the student? Dr. Matt Fraiser and grad student Mary Madeline Tucker could rationalize their feelings, question their forbidden love and even push one another away. When it comes to love, though, theirs was the most passionate in the universe… or at least, at the university.
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Martinique by Stevie Prescott

In Book One of The Acolyte, Lady Letice de Saint-Juste is awakening from her halcyon childhood as the daughter of a wealthy planter on the island of Martinique. It is the turbulent age of Napoleon, and in this raw land founded by pirates and freewheeling adventurers, the rules of genteel society are routinely abandoned. Even her strict father can’t keep her from being exposed to the licentious sexual freedom born in the jungle heat. Letice is opening to womanhood like one of the rich blooms of the Indies, reaching out to brush her fingers along the glittering edge of the passion inside her, and the need she doesn’t fully understand. Highly-charged events force her father’s hand, and to protect his increasingly willful daughter from the island’s influence, he sends her away to finish her education behind the high, protected walls of a convent in Paris.
But Saint-Juste has delivered his daughter into the maelstrom; the merchant vessel carrying her to France is captured by the most dangerous corsairs of the Mediterranean, the Sale pirates of Morocco, an independent city of mercenaries and privateers. Letice is a prize of war, no more or less than the ship and its cargo. Her determination to survive delivers her up to a man unlike any she’s ever known, sensuous and ruthless, dominant and impudently provocative, the violent overlord of violent men. Layer by layer he uncovers the core of his remarkable captive, while she finds herself drawn to this man who compels her to face the truth of her own nature. With this beguiling guide, Letice finds that submission and defeat are not one and the same. As the contest between them unfolds, she discovers that a woman on her knees, or even turned over one, may well win everything the game has to offer.
Yet Letice is unaware that the journey of her life hasn’t ended, but only begun. As the tide of war turns, she will need every lesson she’s learned when fate carries her into the alien world of the harem of the Sublime Porte, the heart of the fabulous empire of the Ottoman Turks.
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Maid for a Lord by Celeste Jones

Life can change in an instant.
A carriage accident, a case of mistaken identity, and a couple of not so little white lies transform maid Phoebe Lawson into Lady Violet Woodlawn, fiancee, and later loving wife, of Lord Braxton Marlowe.
How long will Phoebe be able to keep up this charade? And what will Lord Marlowe do when he learns the truth? Can a lord love a maid?
This Regency contains spanking, sexual intercourse, anal intercourse, oral sex, and ginger figging.
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Samara and the Captain by PS Cassidy

Samara Lacouer is a young woman who longs to leave her home in Sioux Falls to find a place where she can live and be free. Drawn by the free-wheeling lifestyle of Key West, and encouraged by a man she met online, she sets out to begin a new life in the tropics.
After a headlong trip south, Samara discovers that the funny thing about vivid dreams is that they are often very different from stark reality, and things aren’t always what they seem. On the border between these two worlds, her past and her imagined future, Samara meets Captain Alamar Cooke.
Alamar is both fascinating and strange to Samara with his old fashioned notion of shipside discipline, of his having an obedient crew of one. The captain also has a dream that soon becomes Samara’s as well. Although it is difficult for her to let go of her past fears, she eventually learns to ride the waves, to put her faith and trust in her captain, as the two of them sail the Caribbean. After some rough sailing – adventures, misadventures and lessons learned – Samara realizes that the true nature of dreams is the unfurling of the unknown and the peace of a safe harbor.
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