Sold to the lumberjacks…

When her father makes one bad deal to get out of another, the end result is selling his daughter to a lumberjack to have his baby. But twenty-one-year-old Saffron Sinclair feels she has no choice but to take the place of her beautiful and timid sister and present herself to the lumberjack instead. Her hope is that he’ll find her undesirable on sight – with her tattoos and the red streaks in her black hair – and send her back home. She’d cite the no refund clause and everything would be fine.

But, when Saffron arrives at the mansion in the forest, she discovers there’s not only one but three dangerously gorgeous lumberjacks, and they’ll all be sharing her. Worse, they have no plans to return her, and walking away would mean giving them their money back.

Prepared to see this through for her family’s sake, Saffron stays and is determined to remain unscathed. Except their shameless medical examinations and their bold and intimate methods of discipline shatter her boundaries, leaving her curiously aroused and desperately craving more…

Publisher’s Note: This unconventional love story includes a mmmf ménage and explicit scenes.


Excerpt from A Baby for the Lumberjacks

But the rest happened so fast. Before her next breath, Carter pulled the last ball from her. She was lifted by Jack and Caleb as Carter drenched his cock in lube and then she was slowly lowered onto his cock. Holding his erection in hand, Carter guided it inside her. She sputtered out nonsensical words. The stretch burned. Nothing felt better.
“You’re going to take my whole fucking cock, sweetheart. Every inch deep inside you.”
“Yes, yes, oh please, yes!”
Carter grunted and brought her down fully on his cock. She froze. She hadn’t expected this kind of fullness. She wasn’t ready.
“You feel incredible. You’re taking me sweetheart. All of me.” She heard the agony in his voice, the restraint he used in allowing her to adjust. She glowed and moved. He growled in her ear and wrapped an arm around her, imprisoning both her arms. Jack took that damned toy to her clit again. He put it on some crazy speed setting and this time not one of them told her she couldn’t come.
She earned this. She needed this. Her climax erupted with violent force. Wave after wave of contractions hit her. She made a mess. She must even look a bigger mess. Perspiration covering her body, her hair wild and untamed, her pussy dripping onto Caleb’s thigh as he pushed his finger deeper inside. Her head dropped forward. She needed to compose herself. She couldn’t look this savage in front of them.
“Fucking gorgeous,” they murmured around her.
But all thoughts of making herself appear presentable disappeared when Caleb stood and guided his cock into her pussy. Slowly. Filling her up. She was going to burst. She couldn’t take two cocks. But then Caleb started to move, in and out of her the same way Carter was in her ass. The combination, the rhythm, everything felt perfectly right and thoroughly dirty. She called for Jack and immediately he fed her his cock.
She sucked on him as Caleb and Carter fucked her. Another climax beckoned. They knew and started to pound into her even harder.
Her vision blurred. She removed Jack’s cock from her mouth and held onto it tightly as she came again. Caleb curled his hand around her neck, this thrust deeper now, ever harder and faster. He growled.
“Saffron,” he said hoarsely and came inside her. She loved it and clenched around him, milking him of everything he had in him. He slowed his pace after a while, lazily slipping in and out of her.
Jack removed her hand from his cock and swung his leg over her so that he straddled her, his cock in his hand, the fingers of the other gently caressing her clit. Carter ran his tongue down her neck.
“See how ready Jack is for you, sweetheart?”
She bit her lip and nodded. She wanted him inside her. She didn’t want Caleb to leave her.