Rebecca Smythe has been brought up to be a proper young woman. She has been obedient and done what was expected of her. When her reputation is sullied and her marriage destroyed, she retreats from the very people she believed were there to guide her journey to be a proper wife and society matron.

She’d tried it their way and it hadn’t worked. Through circumstances that surprise and delight her, she is now not only in control of her life but also a great fortune. Now she is going to have a little bit of payback, put some people in their place, and experience an adventure. The only person getting in her way is her attorney. Having known her since she was a child, he believes he knows what is best for her. How can that be if he, too, has allowed family and friends to influence his life choices? Rebecca is off on an adventure, and she is not about to let a stuffy lawyer get in her way.

William Sutherland, Jr. is an upstanding man, one of the best attorneys in Philadelphia. He has been loyal to his family’s expectations of him, and is successful. When he inherits his father’s law firm, his client list doubles, but so do his problems when his wealthiest client becomes his responsibility. As a gentleman, he’s not sure how to tame the headstrong young woman who seems determined to make choices that are inappropriate for a young woman of substance.

She’s leading him on a journey to understand himself better, but William has to get one step ahead of Rebecca before she lands herself in something she can’t handle. He’s tried reasoning with her, but she doesn’t seem to understand the word ‘no’ any better now than she did as a child. It’s up to William to bring Rebecca back in line with how a proper young woman should behave. With an ace up his sleeve that Rebecca doesn’t know about yet, William is about to roll up his sleeves and get to work. He’s taking on a lot, but he believes he’s man enough to handle it, and the headstrong Rebecca. He has made up his mind, and he takes his responsibilities seriously. Rebecca may think there is no one around to control her high spirits, but he is about to teach her otherwise.





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