Miranda: Desperate after the passing of my parents, I hoped to be matched for marriage at Mrs. Broderick’s School for Traditional Wives. Instead, I ended up happily employed as the culinary teacher for the school, with Mrs. Broderick acting as my surrogate mother. I know she will match me when she feels I am ready.

Colin: As a movie producer, I am tired of waif models and actresses. I’m looking for a real woman who wants the kind of marriage that includes draping herself over my lap for some old-fashioned discipline when she’s been naughty. I’m not sure, but I think the teacher giving me a tour of the school might be the one. If the heated look she’s giving me as I inspect the discipline tools is any indication, I think we may be the perfect match.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance contains elements of domestic discipline.

Author Interview

As a relatively new author with Blushing Books, what has surprised you most about the process?

I think that having my first book accepted for publication was the biggest surprise for me.  It was gratifying to discover that my publisher, my editor, and eventually my readers enjoyed the ramblings of my dirty mind as much as I did.  Beyond that, I have been shocked how much fun I have been having with the whole process from creation to fruition.

Do you like to outline or just dive right in when writing?

I start out with a general idea and then enjoy seeing where the story takes me.  Hiking is one of my favorite activities for brainstorming what will come next in my story arc, but nothing is more exciting in the writing process than sitting down to put into words the ideas that have formed in my imagination.

What is your favorite genre?

Historical fiction and science fiction are usually my genres of choice.  However nothing beats a good spanking story for me.  So often when I read a regular vanilla romance, I find myself wishing that the hero would just get down to business and give his woman a good spanking.

Would you rather do the spanking or be spanked?

I would much rather be spanked and am regularly!  A riding crop is my favorite implement, which gives my latest heroine, Miranda, and me a lot in common.

What do you do for fun when you are not writing?

Fitness would definitely have to be on the top of my list.  I find great satisfaction in being fit enough to go on adventures.  Although I have been known to say to my hubby, “You know some people sit on the beach and drink margaritas on their vacations,” as we hike up a steep mountain trail with sweat pouring down out faces, the pleasure that comes from conquering a new undertaking is priceless.


“What kinds of things are included in the code of conduct?”

“It varies considerably, but it may include prescribed amounts of exercise, dietary requirements, dress code, sexual conduct, and curfew. It can include anything really.”

“Sexual conduct?” Colin asked as he removed the riding crop from the wall and turned towards Miranda. “What might that include?”

She wanted to drop her gaze to her shoes but remembered that she was conducting a professional tour. This wasn’t a personal question. It was a professional one. So as she watched Colin using the riding crop to repeatedly slap the palm of his left hand, she responded, “I believe it is mostly about whether the prospective bride is allowed to touch herself during her stay at the school.” Miranda found herself squirming trying to ignore the wetness that she felt gushing between her legs.

Thwack. Thwack.

The sight of Colin slapping his palm over and over again with the riding crop and thoughts of touching herself were causing her pussy to throb. No doubt she would need to change her panties before her next class.

Thwack. Thwack.

“How would Mrs. Broderick know if the bride had used her fingers to touch the wet folds of her pussy and her swollen clit to bring herself pleasure?” he asked slowly, emphasizing each word as he continued to hit his palm with the crop.

Thwack. Thwack.