Will he step up when she needs it most?

Ashley Parker is a typical mama with an atypical situation. Coming to terms with her son’s autism proves itself to be no easy feat. Time has taken a toll on her and is finally demanding its due when it comes to the loyalty of the people in her life. After the emotional turn her heart has taken, she realizes she’s limited on what she can offer without the help of the one man who has pledged his life to her.

Rob Parker admits he hasn’t been fulfilling his obligations. He had his own reasons but none of that matters now. His wife needs him and it’s time he steps up and becomes the man and leader she desperately needs. Hopefully, he’s not too late.

Will she be able to let go and trust again? Will she ever be able to trust another to take the reins? Will he succeed and become the husband his wife needs? Will she trust him to lead?

This is book three in the Starting Over series but can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange.


His hand came up to cradle her cheek as he looked into her eyes, noting how shy and innocently she looked up at him. She trusted him now, or at least she was learning to. He would be careful not to give her reason to doubt him again.

If he ever felt protective of her, it was now. If he ever needed her to trust him, it was then. If there was ever a time he wanted to prove himself to her, to be the man she needed him to be, it was at this point in their lives.