He is obsessed with her perfect beauty; she yearns for love and passion.

Clarissa Blakeney is determined to overcome the disgrace of her background by becoming a paragon of impeccable behavior. But behind her flawless manners and cool façade, she is a woman who yearns for passion and love. Now in her third season, her guardian insists that she must marry or return to his house to look after his children. Clarissa’s perfect world is thrown into chaos when Viscount Anthony Donnington, a connoisseur of beauty and an artist, persists in pursuing her.

But someone doesn’t want them to be together and is going to great lengths to make it known. Will they discover who is trying to keep the lovers apart before disaster strikes?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains action, adventure, mystery, and a theme of power exchange.

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Clarissa moved closer and then stared at Lord Anthony’s lap. How was she supposed to arrange herself over those muscular thighs?

Her husband, seeing her uncertainty, placed his hands on her hips and drew her closer but immediately spun her around and bent her over his knees. She squealed but settled into the strange position. Her arms dangled over his left leg and her feet scraped the floor on the other side. Her stomach pressed into his thighs and she blushed when she realized that his cock was hard under her, poking into the softness of her flesh.

Clarissa let her husband tug and pull at her, as limp as a ragdoll, until he grunted in satisfaction. “Now, my sweet one,” he spoke conversationally, as if he were about to have a cup of tea with his wife, not spank her over his lap, “I think a smack to your beautiful bottom for each mistake is a fair punishment.”

Clarissa twisted quickly, turning her face to look up at him. “Punishment? Smacks? Is that what you meant when you said I might not find it pleasing?”

Lord Anthony’s hand was rubbing her buttocks gently but firmly. In spite of her shock at what was about to happen, Clarissa felt the stirrings of desire unfurl in her innermost parts.

“I think you might find it more pleasing than you expect,” commented Lord Anthony as he lifted his hand and brought it sharply down on her right buttock. “Remember the last time I spanked you? You found that somewhat enjoyable.”

“Ow! Ouch! That stung!” she cried out.