A Path Worth Taking by Mariella Starr
Can a forced marriage endure the hardships they must face? 

Four years of Civil War have taken their toll on Bethany St. Claire. She is no longer a sheltered young girl. She has lost everything, and duty to her brother has forced her away from what little she had left of her former life. When more tragedy befalls her, she is left destitute. Her choices are few and frightening. She must choose a husband, otherwise a man she despises will decide for her.
The memories of one night of passion have sustained former Lt. Garret Wakefield through the horrors of battle. He returns to find the girl of his dreams, only to be told she is promised to another. A man of honor does not interfere with a betrothal, so he returns to his former profession as a scout for a wagon train.
Fate brings Bethany under Garret’s watchful guard again, but his job takes him away from the wagons more often than he is there to protect her. While he is gone, tragedy strikes. Left with nothing but the clothing she is wearing, Bethany must take a husband to survive.
Garret is not going to allow another man to have what was once his. He wants Bethany for his own, and he will have her. He offers marriage because there is no other way to protect her. She needs a husband, and he needs a wife and a companion to help him build a future. Their new life together will be difficult, but they must form a strong bond to survive in an untamed territory.
Can a forced marriage endure the hardships they must face? Can a Southern beauty find happiness as the wife of a man who believes in spanking? Disobedience and transgressions are not allowed, and Garret has discovered a bared bottom over his knee is a very efficient method of handling a wayward wife.
DISCLAIMER: This books contains the spanking of adult women and sexual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.