Identical twins Verity and Lissie Pettigrew inherit an abandoned farm in the remote hills of the Methow Valley. Little do the twins know, their windfall harbors a secret. While exploring the old barn, Verity stumbles into a hidden portal and is instantly transported more than one hundred years into the past.

In 1885, on the same farm, Will Dawson is saddling his horse when a disturbance in a corner of the barn catches his attention. In his haste to rescue the gorgeous woman in the center of the disturbance, he is flung far into the future.

Lissie arrives on the farm looking for Verity, but finds the handsome, slightly suspicious cowboy instead. From their first words to one another, sparks fly…

Meanwhile, Verity must deal with life in 1885. Although accepted into Will’s family, she longs to get back to the twenty-first century and the man she loves…


Author Interview

Why time travel this time?

A Time For Will, a stand alone book, came after Pippa Greathouse and I decided to try collaborating on a time travel project. Pippa’s a powerhouse in historical fiction and I work in contemporary times. It seemed like a good combination.

She and I had a lot of fun sharing parallel worlds for a couple of months earlier this year. I was writing about the farm in 2017 and she was writing about the nearby town in 1885.

There was only one problem: at the end of the work, our voices were so disparate, it read like two different novels. So we decided that’s what our one big effort should become.

Pippa’s novel, Catching Carrie, will be released a few weeks after A Time For Will. It is not a time travel but a Western romance set wholly in the same Methow Valley in 1885.

In the end, there was little crossover with the characters. These are two fine books with fiery women and strong, bossy men.


What do you love most about books?

I love how deeply personal books are – just me and the characters sharing space for a while. Books arrive at modest cost, without commercials, and open a portal to a different world. They are my ticket away from hum of everyday.


Where do you find inspiration for writing?

I usually start with a thin story idea. Inspiration comes when I sit down and work.


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where you go?

I lived in Australia for twenty years. I’ve been back once for five months. I’d love to go back again. I’d also like to visit the UK again. My family comes from Devon and London and I’ve never had enough time to explore those places. My husband’s family is from Scotland and Cornwall (via Australia). I’d like to see his roots too.


Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

Salt Spring Island in Canada’s Gulf Islands. Seguro Island, in the Simon in Charge series and in Seeing Ronnie, is based on Salt Spring.


What do you like to collect?

Hats. I don’t intend to collect them but when I find a nice one I buy it. Because I have a very large head, I don’t find a many feminine styles in my size. When I do, it’s mine.


Do you have any hobbies?

Sketching and painting: for personal consumption only.


Have you read these from Libby Campbell?


The Romancing the Coast series:



Seeing Ronnie(Book 1)




Holding Cynthia (Book 2)




Simon in Charge – 3 book box set.