…doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The economy’s limping right now, and not everyone has money for a big dinner or an expensive gift. But don’t let that stop you from personalizing the occasion for you and the one you love.

If you’re still searching for a card, don’t despair. Even though the good ones are all picked over by now, the electronic ones abound. And our favorite is the JibJab cards. A couple are free, but you can become a member for a ridiculously low price which will allow you to access  and personalize some pretty awesome templates.

Wine, cheese and fruit are just a few ways to make your "blanket picnic" a success.

If that romantic dinner you’d planned isn’t going to happen, try a midnight picnic in bed with your favorite person and a romantic movie. A bottle of wine, some chocolate dipped strawberries or even these decadent, easy truffles are bound to please. (Hint: hand feed them to your lover).

Set the mood with some music chosen with your lover in mind. You can burn a CD of sexy songs to play during your special blanket picnic and make a gift of it to your love the next morning so he or she will think of you every time the play it. Need some suggestions? Try some of these.

A movie can further enhance the mood. If you love classic romances, consider something like Pride and Prejudice, which is not only aesthetically beautiful but also touching and quite amusing in parts. Want something a little different? If you’re more of a raspberry twist than a vanilla, then Secretary is a must-see.

If you couldn’t afford a gift, or just want to supplement the one you got your love with something special, consider a sensual massage? What’s that? You’ve never given one? Never fear; there are plenty of wonderful online tutorials. This one is my favorite:

And then, of course, there’s nothing sexier than reading to one another. Blushing Books online store has a great selection of romantic titles, including a free book for Valentine’s Day. And they download immediately for those who want a little instant gratification. 😉

However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we hope it is as wonderful and special as you are. Enjoy yourselves!