Who knew it would be this hard to get her to the altar?

Endless snow, a runaway wedding planner, and an inconvenient audit won’t stop Weston Hamilton from making Blake Campbell his. Forever. He and the other men on the ranch just need to maneuver through every obstacle and keep their lovers out of trouble and in their beds, till death do they part.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains a theme of power exchange among three different couples, one of which is same sex.

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You heard me, baby. Over the saddle.” I turned and found a little black riding crop hanging on the wall. She was still looking a little dubious as I slapped the folded leather end against my palm very lightly.

She trusted me. I was certain of that at least. And she needed a release from feeling so bad about herself. I had to be firm. I had to make her come. I grinned at her confidently, like I knew something that she didn’t.

“Now you’re asking for it, naughty little angel.” Turning her back to me, I lifted under her arms and pulled her over the saddle. She squealed and kicked her slender legs back, her red manicured toes swinging around.

I gently swatted the crop on one of her round cheeks, leaving a slight pink mark that made my arousal tighten my jeans even more. One more time on the other side, and her breathing was already faster.


“Yes?” If she told me to stop, I would. If she told me to fuck off, I would. But she didn’t. I waited patiently for her to wrap her brain around what I wanted to do.

“I’m sorry.”

“This isn’t a punishment, and I’m not mad.” She needed to be clear on that.

“But what are you—”

I swatted the crop down right between her legs, where her soft folds of skin peeked out between her beautiful ass and thighs. She exhaled a little shocked noise but didn’t say anything else, so I continued.

“I don’t know everything.” I swatted her again, this time following it with a wet kiss. Christ, she tasted so good. “But I know that we love each other.” Slap! “And if you try to tell me we shouldn’t love each other again.” Slap! “I’ll bend you over the first flat surface I can find.” Slap! “Pull those fancy little panties off.” Slap! “And spread you open.”

“Drake!” Her little protest made me smile as I reached between her legs and pulled her lips open with two fingers.

“And I’ll expose you.” I leaned down and softly kissed her wetness. “Then I’ll spank you.” I swatted the crop down and her half-squeal, half moan about did me in. “Are we clear?”