He will stop at nothing to protect her from danger. Whether she likes it or not.

Photographic Journalist Kendall Alexander was missing for a month and was feared dead. When she returns, her memory is gone but she has photographs for proof. She had been searched for extensively by handsome, dominant English Billionaire twin brothers, Hendrix and Jason Alexander whose aristocratic family owns the island. When Kendall learns she has been held by The Solution, a Black Ops government team illegally harvesting human organs, she will stop at nothing to expose the conspiracy putting her life at risk.

However, it isn’t the only conspiracy she must uncover. The second is closer to home when she recovers her memory and realizes her husband and his identical twin have been playing a wicked game of deception by sharing her. It becomes apparent each brother will do anything to shut the other out and possess her for themselves. Kendall learns which of them she is really in love with and she might not have been so innocent in the brothers’ game. The owner of her heart is prompted into stern action, taking her to task over his knee to curb her recklessness and resistance to his direction and rules regarding her protection. He will stop at nothing to protect her from the men who seek to destroy her and stop her from revealing the truth through her photographs.

Publisher’s Note: This dark, contemporary romance is intended for adults only and contains elements of action, adventure, danger, sensual scenes, power exchange, mystery, suspense, possible triggers for some readers, and adult themes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Not once did she speak. Her pants and whimpers told him all he needed to know. He held her throat again and captured her lips, probing his tongue deep as he strengthened his grip on her throat leaving her breathless. Reluctantly he tore himself away from her lips wanting to consume as much of her as he could but his throbbing cock wanted deep penetration. He slid the hand around her throat down her body in between her breasts, silkily over her abdomen making her arch her body from the desk and moan, anticipating his touch of her pussy. He did not disappoint her, sliding his hand down over her vagina to cup and squeeze it in his palm.

“This belongs to me,” he heard himself say as he gripped it again and heard her reach for her breath. Without warning he looked down at her capturing her eyes and raised his hand to bring it crashing down against her vagina. Her body jolted as he spanked her pussy four times. Kendall cried out. He sank his fingers back between the pale pink folds finding her saturated.

Looking down at her with approval, he loosened the button on his suit jacket not wanting to wait to strip and pulled down the zip of his trousers. His penis was long, hard and thick when he took it out. It pointed arrogantly at her pussy. He guided it towards her entrance pulling the lips of her pussy open so he could view its progress just inside her body and then with a grunt he moved sharply forwards and embedded his length making her gasp loudly.

Hendrix swept his hands underneath her body, over her hips and buttocks and lifted the lower portion of her body hard and fast up from the desk forcing her legs up against his body and her ankles to rest over his shoulders so he could penetrate her to the hilt. He was so deep he knew he would be pushing up against her cervix.

The position he had compelled her body to take was heavily submissive. All she could do was receive and respond as he dictated. He fucked her hard, inducing that pain pleasure response by digging the tips of his fingers into her sore, hot, red whipped bottom.

He watched her body’s intoxicating movement as he made it jerk and her pelvis buck against him, appreciating every movement her breasts made as they jumped on her chest down to the glaze of submissive satisfaction in her eyes and cries of pleasure.

His climax built hard and fast. He fought to control it wanting to prolong the connection between them. Never wanting it to end.

“Wait,” he demanded feeling her body begin to tighten around his cock with need.

He slowed the fast pace of his thrusts and brought her back from the edge.

“Remember, you only come when I give you permission, baby girl.”

He drove gently and purposefully into her channel caressing the silky warm muscles, sliding over her sensitive G-spot then almost completely withdrawing from her body until she whimpered and begged unable to control her desire. Then he built the tempo of his thrusts bringing her back to the edge then away from it again, over and over until he could no longer take any more. He growled and began to stab his cock, spearing her body.

“Come now, Kendall and damn well make sure I hear you.”

His thrusts were cruel, verging on sadistic as he pummelled her body with them as the flames of his climax began to lick the pit of his stomach. He wanted all of her, all she could give him and this time he did not want to share. Kendall gave a scream as he felt her pussy flood and contract around him signalling her orgasm erupting in unison with his own.

The pleasurable ride seemed to last forever and he thought it would never end nor did he want it to. But when it did he found himself lowering her legs to lift her up into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist still inside her as he kissed her deeply. He carried her across the room and pressed her back against the wall to continue his feverish kiss feeling consumed by his need for her. It was mutual. Kendall lifted her tied wrists up and lowered the gap between her arms over his neck so she could hold onto him. Her nipples scraped against his suit jacket making him harden inside her again. Automatically, he began to thrust inside her feeling his cock swell with renewed desire. She bucked her pelvis responsive to his aggressive thrusts. Balancing her body expertly against the wall he placed his hand around her throat again and tilted her head back against the wall. Maintaining deep eye contact with her he fucked her hard again. Kendall screamed her release never allowing her gaze to lift from his once allowing him to watch her orgasm explode in her eyes in unison with his own.