“Coming out of the closet” isn’t the right expression. We’re not in closets that can be left in a single step as the door clicks shut behind. “Coming out of the house” might be better. Or “coming out of the labyrinth.”

This is a very poignant quote taken from “A Spanking Fetish Is Not Revealed Easily”, a must-read piece in the New York Times by writer Jillian Keenan, who describes how she came out to her significant other about her spanking fetish. If there’s one thing the popularity of spanking fiction has one, it’s get women talking about a sexual kink that for so many years left many ashamed. That mainstream writers are discussing their interest in spanking is, I believe, a very good thing. The need to have a partner understand your sexual and – as this article points out – psychological desire to be spanked is strong. And breaching the barriers of shame and social stigma to open a dialogue can not just be liberating, but may open up a whole new and wonderful facet to the relationship.

It’s my opinion that more men are open to spanking than some would have us believe. And who knows, perhaps if you’ve been hesitant to tell your partner how you feel, this article can help you summon the courage to come out of the labyrinth yourself.  Once you do, Blushing Books has not only plenty of fiction to fuel those fantasies you now will share with your partner, but also some excellent on-fiction resources with advice and insight on spanking. Vicki Blue’s A Spanking Good Relationship comes highly recommended for couples embarking on a spanking and/or DD relationship. And actress and author Erica Scott’s memoir Late Bloomer is filled with wonderful reflections on the spanking life, and her very honest search for peace and happiness.