The most amazing thing about Blushing Books is our Authors’ Group. Along with great articles and resources, we have a group chat night every Thursday. We have random topics each week and some times we actually talk about the topic. ūüôā

It isn’t work as usual because we have a lot of fun. Along with validation from other authors who know exactly what you are talking about whether plot issues or characters that take over, we have gotten to know know each other. Families, day jobs, illnesses and births, we are all real people who have lives aside from the ones residing in our heads. We have an amazing collection of people and I’m thankful for each and every one.

Here are some of the testimonials from our group friends:

Jill Jackson-¬†I really love coming in. You’re a great bunch of girls, (and guys *sexy wink*) and I love the camaraderie we all share.¬† That said, the topics we discuss in-between all the light hearted banter – are very relevant to this strange profession we’ve subjected ourselves to and it’s great to have that broader experience base.

This is a very isolated business and it’s nice to feel you’re not alone out there, that the issues and concerns a writer has are shared by all – and that we have friends to go to when we need them. We don’t all share the same practices and beliefs but that’s okay. Diversity is a beautiful thing.

Everyone waves their pompoms in support of the other – and last, but not least, you’re all a bunch of sexy minxes. Oops! Did I say that out loud? *Blushes.*


¬†Rachel de Vine-¬†I managed to join the group chat last week as I happened to be up very late writing (it was 2 am UK time). I was a bit nervous the first time as a lot of the writers clearly know each other quite well and I was worried that they might think I was intruding. ¬†However, they were very friendly. ¬†I didn’t stay long because of the late hour, and I did find the speed of all the messages was a little overwhelming, but what can you expect from a 65 year old at 2 am! ¬†Glad I popped in, but not likely to make it a regular event because of the time difference. ¬†The authors seem such a happy group and perhaps I might treat myself to a flight across the Atlantic one day and attend a conference,and see a few writers in person.


Renee Rose-¬†It’s a wonderful opportunity to make connections with fellow authors. More than one project (including a wonderful box set) has sprung out of the conversations we’ve had there.


Alyssa Bailey-¬†The chat has been a lifeline for me. I am new to this part of writing, the taking it out of the box part, and I was a bit overwhelmed while still trying to continue writing. This group of savvy, energetic, fun loving artist is why I am now so excited, I almost can’t sleep more than 5 hours at a time. (but I have been warned that cannot continue).

The information they share is priceless and I am now comfortable, editing, working on social media, and writing because I have this experience to tap into. It also helps because I am a therapist by trade – I need the people contact this provides…I was upset when I missed one.

I am so excited to know I will be able to meet some of these fellow authors in August because I feel I am getting to know them now.

Kelly Dawson-¬†I love the way everyone is so helpful and welcoming. There isn’t a sense of “I’ve got more books out than you so I’m better” or anything like that, there’s just encouragement and support. As a newbie, I really appreciate the encouragement from other more successful authors and I love hearing their tips ūüôā


Misty Malone¬†–¬†The chats have been very encouraging and informative for me.¬† I found out I’m not the only one who worries so much every time a new book comes out.¬† I’m always afraid no one will buy it, and it’s good to know I’m not the only one.¬†On the other hand, I didn’t realize how important the book cover and sales blurb can be.¬† After learning other people’s thoughts, I’m paying more attention to those.


Marie Furst-¬†I don’t think there is one author, writer, editor, anyone who is not 100% supportive of everyone else.¬† Its so very rare to find a group where people with years of success are as open and friendly and willing to give advice and ask questions as those who are still hoping to make a living doing what they love most, writing.

I have belong to way to many writing, author, critique groups where its all about egos and the “I know best, do it like I say” rather than acknowledging the vast difference that give us all our unique voice. The high energy,quirky and kind people here are not just fine writers but they are among the best of people.¬† They have given me just enough of a push to expand and grow as a writer. I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


Mary Wehr-¬†The chats are both fun and informative. It’s nice to connect with other authors and find out what they’re working on. Sometimes we get a little crazy and share a laugh or two, but if one of us has a serious question or concern about writing, there’s always someone willing to help. I’m glad to be part of a group that is so supportive and encouraging. Putting your ‘baby’ out there for the world to see can be scary, so it’s nice to know there’s a group of ‘awesomeness’ right here to turn too.¬†


Laurel Lasky-¬†This group changed my life or well, made it more interesting. I’ve been doing reviews for a few years and I love Blushingbooks. I became an ARC reviewer for BB and read about the writing group. It said I didn’t have to be published but maybe thought about it, which I did. Patty Devlin invited me to join and I started going to the group and found it to be fun, encouraging and very supportive. I had an idea for a book and sent

a quick idea to Maggie Ryan. Long story short, we became friends and our coauthored book will be released on June 5. This never would have happened if I hadn’t joined this wonderful group.
 Jackie Rose- It is so enjoyable to be able to finally correspond with all those good friends and mentors whom I have never met, even though they have been so encouraging and inspiring to me.