Can you tell me about one or two of your books- I mean where should I start? What should I read first?


I would start with ‘From Seduction to Submission.’ It’s effectively a kinky love story where the confident single woman gets drawn into the world of BDSM following a chance meeting with a leather clad Dom in a restaurant. She is both fascinated by him and disgusted by him at different times but he draws her into his web using a mixture of arrogance and tenderness, a mixture of pleasure and pain and some good old-fashioned seduction.


The second book I would recommend would be ‘Reluctant Submission.’ This story has a sharper edge to it with the female lead, Meredith, being the despotic boss we all love to hate and who we all pray will get her comeuppance. Foolishly, she clashes with Damien, a contractor who is doing some work in her executive bathroom. Despite being warned, her only way of dealing with people is to attack and before long she finds herself on her knees and receiving a firm spanking at Damien’s hand.


They continue a game of cat and mouse as he draws her in to a world that fascinates her and repulses her in equal amounts but she cannot resist going back for more as she tries in vain to get the better of Damien. The BDSM action gets hotter and heavier as the story continues.



What was the first book you wrote?


From Seduction to Submission was my first published book. I have a draft of another earlier story which I’m still trying to tidy up and water down a bit to make it suitable for publication. It is a FemDom story and I thought ‘From Seduction to Submission’ had better sales potential so I submitted it first.



And what inspired you to start writing?


I think that like so many people, I always had an urge to write a book but I didn’t know what to write about. I had been reading some erotica of different genres and thought that I could do better than much of what I was reading. After posting a few pieces on different sites, the feedback I received encouraged me to get serious about it and try to get published. The rest, as they say, is history.


What genre do you like to read?


I like to read adventure stories – Nelson DeMille and Tom Clancy type stories.



Do you have an author who influenced the way you write?


None that I’m consciously aware of.



What is your toughest criticism?

One reviewer said that my book was so bad that she didn’t even finish it and returned it for a refund. I didn’t even know one could do that with e-books. Obviously not my greatest fan.



And your best compliment?


I’m not even sure I can put this in here. Let’s just say I have had numerous comments from female readers about the state of their panties when they read my work.


What do you like to do when you are not writing?


I love travelling, boating and walking.


Are you a Morning or Evening person?


I am more of a morning person.


And for fun, does Prince Charming really exist?


Of course. I just wish he would spend more time sharing his skills with the wider population.



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Strenth in Submission: Natalie Thrives by R.R. Greaves

Strength-In-Submission-FINAL COVERIn the first book of this series, From Seduction to Submission, Natalie, a confident, intelligent and independent lawyer, had given herself to the enigmatic and dominant Mr. James, eventually begging him to take her as his slave.

Since that momentous decision two months previously, she has never looked back and spent much of her non-working time being taken on a series of erotic adventures that would have been beyond her comprehension a few short months before.

Despite her initial misgivings, her Master turns out to be benevolent, encouraging her to push her limits, let herself go and enjoy the freedom of being led by another. Giving him total trust, she submits to and partakes in adventures that seem so incongruous—but which deliver such erotic outcomes and mind-altering pleasures that she finds herself wanting more and more of what only he can offer.

In a seemingly antithesis of her submission, she thrives in the workplace as her submission makes her even stronger and more assertive; resulting in her becoming a full partner in her firm. Eventually she finds herself in a situation she would not have expected in her wildest dreams, wondering where this latest twist will take her.

This story includes detailed depictions of BDSM and control as our heroine explores this underworld of love, eroticism and kink. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book.