We’ll make your cheeks blush!   (But which cheeks…?)

Welcome to Blushing Books, where we sell both eBook and print books.  Blushing is not a new company.  In fact, we are one of the oldest eBook publishers on the web.  We began selling eBooks in 2001!

Our company (formerly known as ABCD Graphics) started small in 1999, with a membership site from which we sold erotic spanking and BDSM stories in a serialized format.  Bethany’s Woodshed is still in existence and is one of the largest and, as far as we know, the oldest erotic story site on the Internet.  Bethany’s Woodshed has always focused on romantic and erotic “spanking” stories catering to readers who prefer old fashioned “can he tame the brat?” sort of romances.

Later we expanded to our Wicked Velvet and Wicked Castle websites (no longer in


While Blushing Books may be new to you, the company is actually an outgrowth of the oldest erotica story site on the Net.


existence) from which we sold more “standard” erotic romances.   While our offerings are still today more skewed towards BDSM and spanking themes, our stories have always been and will remain primarily romances, with strong loving heroes and feisty caring heroines.  We continue to offer some “straight” erotica as well, and are looking to expand these offerings.

The eroticism in our books varies greatly.  We run the gamut from extremely explicit, non consensual fantasies, to sweet soft stories with Christian and family-centered themes, books that contain no four letter words or explicit sex at all.

We publish both in digital and in print, though the majority of our offerings are eBooks only.

To keep up with what’s new on our sites, please sign up for our newsletter.  Also, check out our blog for reviews, contests and you never know what else!  We strongly encourage you to subscribe to our blog via RSS feed because we will be offering coupons, specials, and discounts (including free books) ONLY via the blog, and often for only 24-48 hours.  You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Our email addresses:

Customer support:  blushingcs@gmail.com

Comments/Suggestions/Blogmistress:  blushingbooks@gmail.com

Yes, we are accepting submissions:  Please review our submission guidelines here, and then contact us at:  herwdshed@gmail.com

If you are a book store, interested in ordering print books in bulk, please contact us at: blushingcs@gmail.om

Our mailing address is:

Blushing Books

977 Seminole Tr.  #233

Charlottesville, VA  23901

Our 800 # is 877-826-2310

Our Philosophy of Adult Spanking

Many of our stories contain spanking and other BDSM-related activities. We do not advocate violence towards women in any form, and the non-consensual spankings portrayed in many of our stories are fantasies which have no place in real life.

If you have questions about the spanking of children, we encourage you to review the information on The Natural Child Project – Ten Reasons Not to Hit Your Kids. You’ll not find any juvenile spanking stories on this site. Some historical stories do feature heroines under the current age of majority (which in most states is 18.) However, all of our heroines are sexually mature and would have been considered adults in their time and place.

A note about ageplay stories

These stories are purely fantasy and contain stories about adult women being treated as children. All characters in any age-play story are adults and are specifically presented as being such. We do not advocate any real-life unconsensual activities, and we do not advocate, or make any opinions about, the spanking of actual children. These stories are complete fantasy and not to be read by the easily-offended.