Annie Campbell is an investigative journalist on assignment. She never intended to uncover deep, dark family secrets during her research, though. Now, she has travelled to Scotland to find answers to some very pressing questions that could change her life forever.

Alastair Duncan has agreed to play host to the American journalist who has come to write a story about his best friend’s family. He quickly figures out that she is hiding something, and she disobeys him at every turn. He wastes no time in demonstrating to her how he responds to being challenged, but he never intended to fall in love with her…

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, contemporary romantic mystery contains elements of power exchange.


“Ok, Annie, come to me.” His deep voice interrupted her thoughts. She turned and found him sitting in a tall backed chair in the middle of the room. She walked over to him, unsure of what to do next. “Annie.” His tone held warning. “It was only two directions.”
“But you have a kilt on.”
“And?” Annie saw by the scrunched together brows that she had actually confused him.
“You can’t spank me with a kilt on! What if it rides up?”
Alastair laughed then, a deep, throaty laugh.
“It won’t ride up. Now enough delays, over my lap.” He reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her right over his bent knees.

Author Interview Question
What was your motivation or inspiration for writing Accepting Annie?
My new book, “Accepting Annie” is the final chapter in the Triple A trilogy. In it, investigative reporter, Annie Campbell sets out to debunk the science behind Ancestry DNA tests. Instead, she finds the science to be sound and discovers a dark family secret, wrapped in lies and topped with a bow of deceit lurking in her family’s past. She sets out to uncover the truth and get some much-needed answers, hopefully discovering who she really is along the way.

Two years ago, I took an Ancestry DNA test and found relatives I didn’t know I had. I also found out some interesting facts about my ethnicity. I had believed I was of German and Italian descent. My mother’s maiden name was supposedly German. Surely, if the name is German, I must have quite a bit of German in me, correct? I was wrong! My mother’s surname is not German, as we had been told, but instead Scandinavian and then Scottish. I traced my maternal line back 1,153 years ago all the way to 866 Scandinavia, after which we settled in Roxburghshire, Scotland where our family actual held a family seat (royalty of the time.)

My personal DNA breakdown, which I had analyzed a couple different ways, ended up telling me that my ethnicity was concentrated into four main regions, Scottish, Irish, British and Scandinavian. I am primarily Celtic in blood. I have managed to trace both sides of my family back to the time of the Vikings (and beyond.) I have discovered that my roots, on both sides, lie within Scandinavian countries. From there, both sides ended up in Scotland. This is what inspired the setting for this book and for my next trilogy.

It has been a fascinating journey!