Jane McAllister is a young, gifted flutist preparing for a performance at the college’s concert hall. But her grades aren’t all they should be. In order to bring them up, she is forced to work with Caleb, a handsome, well-known player – known on campus for playing much more than piano.

Caleb’s approach to tutoring is surprising to Jane. He demands not just that she do her assignments well and on time, he also metes out punishment when she fails to perform. She takes several trips over his knee as they slowly fall for each other.

Meanwhile, a dangerous stalker is out to get Jane, and Caleb is desperate to protect her – by any means necessary. Mostly, he must protect her from herself and her own dangerous carelessness in the face of a predator.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance includes scenes of domestic discipline and explicit themes.



He sat down on the bed and nodded sternly for her to come towards him. She reluctantly obeyed, and he caught her hand and pulled her easily and firmly between his legs. Then, without speaking, he put his hands on her small waist and lifted her slightly, settling her crotch onto his large thigh with one of her legs straddling either side. She felt so tiny and delicate folded into his massive frame. With his hands still on her waist, he pulled her torso forward and gently pushed her head towards the bed. He felt her trembling as she lay face down on the bed.  

His thigh between her legs stimulated her and she could feel herself contracting and soaking her panties. She desperately hoped he couldn’t feel it. What if she soaked through her panties and onto his jeans, she wondered frantically. 

He lifted her dress eagerly to expose her panties and her backside. To his immense delight, she was wearing a thong, which meant he would essentially be paddling her bare bottom.  

As soon as he lifted her dress and she felt the coolness of the air on her naked bottom, she groaned inwardly. Why, oh why, did I wear a thong? Then, as if it wasn’t horrible and humiliating already, she began to grind on his thigh involuntarily. Her body seemed to take over, leaving her brain and heart with no control. Her back arched and her rump rose up high within perfect aim of his swing. Her face was red and flushed and she was on the verge of tears. Could he feel her grinding motion on his thigh? 

He paused because he could very much feel her pussy grinding away on his lap. He couldn’t feel her wetness through his jeans yet, but he guessed she was smooth and slippery under her panties. He wasn’t sure he had the self-control to refrain from tossing her on the bed and sliding inside her right now—very hard. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. 

Then, in spite of his cock growing hard under his jeans, he lifted the spatula and smacked it onto her right bottom cheek.  

She wasn’t prepared for the sting of the little paddle and for a moment she silently absorbed the shock of the pain. And then, just as the second stroke fell, she cried, “Ow!” The short hand spanking she had taken over the kitchen table was very mild compared to the stinging wooden spatula. She immediately began to struggle. “Stop it, Caleb! Just stop! It hurts! You cannot do this to me!” She was squirming and struggling to break free from the arm wrapped around her waist. He continued swatting her easily and quickly in spite of her tantrum. When she realized she was no match for his grip, she began to kick her legs up towards him and she reached her free arm back to shield her already pink bottom. He stopped paddling for a moment and put the spatula between his teeth while he pinned her free hand under his arm that was already around her waist.  

As he took the paddle into his hand again, he said sternly, “Stop kicking, young lady. This can get worse.”