Scottish Highlands, 1893

Just days before her eighteenth birthday, Juliet, the Queen of Talus, finds herself on the run from her loving mate and protector the Knight of Swords, Lord Nathan Valancourt in the Scottish Highlands. A witch holds him under her spell and has transformed him into a demon with orders to kill Juliet after the witch steals her power.

The witch, Drusilla, controls the Queen’s faithful knights and a Lycan clan. She wants revenge on both races for her abusive childhood at their ancestor’s hands and she aims to cause a war between their clans all across the world incited by Juliet’s death. Juliet must rely solely on herself and the protection of Gabriel and Nathan’s younger brother, Xavier, destined to be her Magical advisor.

However, Juliet soon discovers their motives to ensure her safety and defeat the witch are not all honorable and she is in danger. Drusilla doesn’t count on the strong unbreakable bond between Nathan and Juliet. Even under the witch’s spell the demon knight seeks out Juliet, kidnapping her from Gabriel to protect her from the witch he has betrayed who pursues them and those of her knights and the Lycans who conspire against their Queen still under a spell.

The demon inside Nathan is dangerous, unstable, calculating and cold. Still at the mercy of the challengers to Nathan’s right to be joined to her on top of everything else, Juliet has no choice but to denounce him and find her own way to defeat the witch and become the powerful commanding Queen she was always meant to be. But neither the demon or the human locked inside Nathan will let her go and both will not rest until their Queen is by their side even if they have to force her to be.

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