Sophia is a prosecuting attorney in NYC who lives for her work. Her next big case involves a high profile criminal, who, incidentally, she met at a sex club a few days before. Thanks to a mistake at her firm, she has no idea the man she is trying to prosecute has already filled her bed. Now, thanks to her involvement with him, her life is in danger.

Aleksandr Volkov is a Russian bratva leader who has been accused of a murder he did not commit. Little does he know the stunning beauty who is now trying to prosecute him also holds the key to his freedom.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy Russian mafia romance contains action, mystery, sexual chemistry, and a theme of power exchange. If any of these are offensive to you, please do not read.

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Sophia cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain when his hand came down on her butt a second time. He knew a part of her wanted to scream her safe word and have the punishment end, but he also knew the other told her that she somewhat deserved it. She had left him this morning, asleep in her bed. She had crossed some sort of invisible line before he had thrown her over his shoulder and put her on the plane. When his hand came down a third, fourth, and fifth time, Sophia couldn’t help the tears that were forming in her lavender eyes. By the time the last three hits came down on her bottom, she cried out one more time before he picked her up and cradled her in his arms.

“Look at me, Sophia,” Aleksandr commanded softly as her eyes met his. He wiped the wetness from her delicate, porcelain face as he said, “You know why you were punished, da?”

“Y-yes,” Sophia whispered brokenly, still feeling a sharp, stinging sensation on her bottom. As much as she disliked the spanking, he hoped she loved the way he cuddled her to his broad chest and wiped gently at her face. He had even held back when spanking her. Aleksandr had not wanted to hurt her, and she knew that.

“I want to make sure that you do,” Aleksandr replied, placing a kiss on her lips before his fingers slid between her legs and into her warmth. Feeling it growing even wetter with need, he knew the spanking had not turned her off. If anything, it had excited her more. Rubbing his nose against hers, he loved the smell of her sweet, minty breath against his mouth. “Tell me why I spanked you.”

“You spanked me because I left you this morning and because of the things I said to you outside the plane. I was not being kind to you, and I know that,” Sophia admitted in a barely audible voice.