Congrats to Alta Hensley for hitting a monumental #1 in ROMANCE Sci-Fi!

In the Palace of Lazar took a #1 in Erotic Sci-Fi when it first released, it now takes a #1 in Romance which, as you know, is a much larger category and harder to place in.




In the Palace of Lazar

Lazar #1Small communes are scattered throughout the desert planet. Pods of civilization struggle to survive on the precious, fertile land. Desert inhabitants live in these communes, surviving off whatever resources the small community possesses, but no commune can measure to the Palace of Lazar. Stories of sex, lust, forbidden acts, and a society wrapped around taboo are told among other communes. The four brothers that rule Lazar are known for their insatiable tastes and their women that cater to it all. The Palace of Lazar is not just a commune. It is a harem.

For Briar Hope, the palace offered more. The wonder of the harem and the four brothers haunted her dreams. Briar wanted to see it, live it, feel it, and submit to it. The world of submission called to her very soul. She wanted to end her life as a desert nomad, to exchange it for the promise of the harem’s song.

In a world where only the strong survive, can Briar allow the submission required to be part of the harem? Is it possible to find strength in surrender?


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