Amanda and the Stable Master by Carolyn Faulkner

Carolyn Faulkner’s best-selling book is back! A “ponygirl” spanking story like no other.
Amanda is taken by the mysterious stable master to be turned into a ponygirl, one whose life is being trained to bit and harness, who lives only to serve her groomsmen. Mandy – a feisty businesswoman in her former life – needs strict training, as she fights the inevitable, tooth and nail. With a delicious juxtaposition of punishment along side of pampering and never-ending attention, she discovers her true sexual fantasy of submission, and eventually learns to love her new life as a ponygirl.
Publisher’s note: “Amanda and the Stable Master” contains capture fantasy as well as strict explicit punishment in sexual situations in a stable “ponygirl” setting. Do not purchase this book if these elements will offend you. Originally published as “Generation Stables.”
If you’ve purchased this book in the past (under the title Generation Stables), the new version will automatically be added to your Blushing Books Library.
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