Hi, Jane. Can you tell us how many books you have written total?

I think I must have half a dozen half finished stories playing hide and seek on my laptop. Mustang Wild is the first book I have managed to complete though I started it for a piece of fun so once I hit the minimum word count some of the pressure was off.


Will you tell us about your latest release?

My latest release Mustang Wild is a contemporary Western with two characters with their flaws and demons. The heroine Aideen Shannon, is the local bad girl with an undeserved reputation who is less than thrilled to be returning ‘home’ after four years. She is sassy with something to prove and hides her scars behind a veneer of toughness. That stubbornness sets her on a collision course with rancher Bryce Carlisle (I’m a sucker for a tall, dark and handsome alpha) who she shares a complex past. Things never go smoothly as they butt heads and deny their mutual attraction the sparks more than fly, they soar! As if that isn’t the cherry on the cake, someone means Aideen harm and in a hostile town where friends are few, there are plenty of suspects. I had a lot of fun writing these characters and I’d like to probably revisit sometime in the future if I can construct another plot.


Are you working on anything right now?

Goodness, lots! I have that many plot lines bouncing around in my head I sometimes get very frustrate if I can’t keep up or write when I’m in the zone. At the moment I’m dipping my toe in to the fantasy genre and with the working title ‘Bride of Fire’, it follows the trials of a Princess in exile who is always the ‘spare’ and never the heir. The challenge with this one is I’m thinking of changing up my writing style as the hero has to be a cold-hearted tool but a sexy redeemable one and I’m not sure I can show that successfully in first person.


How much of your stories come from real experiences?

It’s confession time. I’m actually just a British girl who dreams of ranches and loves John Wayne movies possibly a little too much (my dad practically raised me on them). One day I plan to hop across the pond and explore the USA and I hope to learn to ride but at the moment it is still on my bucket list. That is the great thing about having an imagination and reading extensively you can do things you always dreamed of.


Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Where do I start? Firstly I change my writing style depending on what I’m reading at the time, for example if I’m reading an author who likes long flowing description then viola! I start adding long flowing description to my story so checking I have a consistent voice can be a nightmare. Secondly I can’t write in chronological order or follow a plot – ever. If I have a scene playing around in my head it will continue to do obnoxious cartwheels until I jot it down and only then I can move on. Afterwards I somehow stitch the different scenes together and fill in the gaps, but it makes checking for continuity issues absolutely murder.


What do you like to read?

In a nutshell? Everything, I like historical and paranormal romances and of course blushing books, I was a prodigious reader before becoming an author, still am as a matter of fact. But my favourite is a well balance plot sprinkled with all these elements with a bit of action and mystery thrown in.



Are there any authors that have caught your eye?

Three of my personal favourites are; Ilona Andrews who has a brilliant kick-ass heroine with a heart in her magic series it is her style that first made me experiment with writing in first person. There is Alanea Alder whose sassy character’s and witty dialog crack me up, literally, I burst out giggling before furtively checking no one saw me. Finally Kresley Cole with her paranormal romance series Immortals After Dark.


Do you have any advice for new writer’s trying their hand at erotica?

Have FUN! I find when writing I unintentionally inject myself into the heroine so write what you like, write what turns you on and see what style you develop. The important thing is to start writing. Remember every novel began with a single word.


Are you a morning or night person?

You mean not everyone’s eyes are the size of dinner plates so they can see in the dark? I’m nocturnal, anyone who reads my facebook page will find several posts in the early hours of the morning despairing at the fact I’m in the zone and want to carry on writing. It is part of the joys of working full time as well as writing.

Mustang Wild by Jane Burrelli

MustangWild_500x755Four years ago, Aideen Shannon ran away, turning her back on her home and Bryce Carlisle, the strong, rugged rancher who gave her his ring and then broke her heart. Having sworn she’ll never return to a town that sees her as nothing but trouble, she worked hard to rebuild her life. But then the sudden death of her stepfather drags her back, kicking and screaming. She returns home to find a once successful ranch run into the ground, a deputy who wants nothing more than to see her in jail, painful memories resurrected by people she used to consider friends and, worst of all, Bryce Carlisle waiting for her.

Driven by the need to prove everyone wrong, Aideen digs her heels in, determined to resurrect the once successful ranch. She’ll do whatever is necessary, even if it means suffering as she returns to compete in the rodeo circuit. Her stubbornness sets her straight on a collision course with Bryce, who has no problem with upending a certain hot-tempered, sassy female over his knee when he thinks she’s gone too far.

But as determined as Aideen is to succeed, there is someone else who is just as determined that she won’t. Someone menacing; stalking her from the shadows. Strange incidents start to happen, and in a hostile town where friends are few, there are plenty of suspects. Can Bryce and Aideen overcome their mutual hostility and put the secrets and lies of the past to rest before it is too late?

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