I’ve gathered, Jill, Janis and Lyndsey together today for a casual get-together. The coffee is brewing, cookies are baked, and I’ve pulled them away from shopping and work long enough to pick their brains. You all met Jill Lincoln Baine in the first book of the series, Accepting His Terms. Her sister, Janis, was introduced in that book, and we followed her story in Submitting to Bryan. Lyndsey was the sometimes hated, sometimes loved character in that book. On November 14, when book three, The Longing Within, releases, the readers will get the conclusion they asked for. The long-awaited wedding of Janis and Bryan will begin the story, but the rest of the book is dedicated to Lyndsey, the orphan who was raised as Bryan’s sister, and the love of her life, John. Sit back with your favorite beverage and let’s see what the girls have to say.


Me: Welcome, ladies! First of all, I want to thank you for stopping by this afternoon. Help yourself to the coffee and cookies. I want to start out by asking Jill how it feels to be part owner of a successful condominium construction business. Now that you and your boss, Jarrod, are married, has it been difficult to adjust to working side by side with the man you share your home with?

Jill: *laughs softly* “I went from being his decorator to his co-owner simply by signing a marriage license. But, you know, nothing really changed. I was the interior designer for the condos that Jarrod builds, and I’m still the decorator. Yes, I’m part owner, but I leave the business aspects to him. I love designing and decorating and I split my time between doing that and caring for our young son. I love my life. I have the best of both worlds.”


Me: “I see. You’ve had some problems in the past with handling stress. Has that gotten better?”

Jill: “If you’re familiar with my story, you must know about the maintenance spankings. Jarrod, who had never spanked a woman in his life, discovered early on in our relationship that this is the best way to combat my anxiety issues. Since we’ve entered into this mild form of domestic discipline, I no longer have the issues I had in the past.”


Me: Janis, you and Bryan are married now. I know you put up quite a bit of resistance at first to the type of structured marriage your husband proposed. Have you come to terms with that by now?

Janis: “As you know, I was a bit of a free spirit and had a penchant for getting myself into trouble quite often. I was rebellious, always was, just ask my big sister. Bryan fell in love with me, but he also saw a need for me to be made aware of my own impetuous ways and the havoc they could wreak. Yes, I balked at first, but when we were apart, I missed the little things. I missed Bryan taking care of me. I had to learn a hard lesson, but in the end, he was right. Of course, I still put up a fight when it comes to discipline, but I wouldn’t change the life we live for anything in the world now.”

Me: “You also work at Baine Construction with your husband. Has that created problems for you?

Janis: “Bryan is the senior architect and I am his apprentice. We have always worked well together. When we dated, when we were apart, and now that we’re husband and wife we have never had the problems some couples have in that regard. I respect his work, he is a master at his craft and I’ve learned so much from him, valuable information. On the other hand, he respects my work, as well.”


Me: “Ah, now it’s Lyndsey’s turn to be in the hot seat, or to have a hot seat, whatever the case may be. Your story is about to be revealed to the world. How do you feel about that?”

Lyndsey: *coughs nervously* “You’ll find, as you read my story, that there is something lacking in my life, a longing deep within my heart and soul. I lost my parents at a very young age. Of course, I led a charmed life with Bob and Maeve as my guardians, I lacked for nothing. Yet, there was always something missing. John has a secret, which will be revealed in the book. That revelation will spark the longing I’ve denied. You’ll witness, first hand, the devastation I’ll have to endure when I lose a job that means everything to me. You’ll see how John chooses to help me deal with the loss of balance in my life.”

Me: “And your chosen profession is?”

Lyndsey: “My degree is in journalism. I’m currently a bestselling author and an editor. John is an ad exec, and we met when he was doing an ad campaign for my former employer.”


Me: “As you can see, all three of these women have a desire for discipline in their lives. They are professional women, who love deeply. Jill is married to handsome business owner, Jarrod Baine. Janis has fallen in love with her co-worker, fellow architect, Bryan Walsh, and Lyndsey’s love is John Gordon, who is harboring a secret. If you haven’t yet read the first two books of Isabella’s series, I highly recommend that you immerse yourself in them before The Longing Within releases mid-November from Blushing Books. Thank you so much, ladies, for taking the time out of your busy schedules to join us today. I know between your work, your families, and I’ve been told, your love of shopping trips together, it’s not easy to find time for afternoons like this.”

Jill: “Thanks so much for inviting us. It’s been fun.”

Janis: “I’m all for a girls’ day out, anytime. Thank you.”

Lyndsey: “I’m anxiously awaiting the release of my story. It’s by far, the most intense one of the series. Oh, and I really need this cookie recipe.”

Jill and Janis in unison: “Says the cook of the bunch. This gal can whip up some real gourmet meals.”

Me: “Thank you all again. Readers, I hope our little get-together has given you some insight into the Desire for Discipline series. To learn more about these ladies and the men they love, be sure and check out Accepting His Terms, Submitting to Bryan, and soon, The Longing Within. They are all available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Blushing Books.

______________ The Longing Within~

TheLongongWithin_500x755The conclusion to Accepting His Terms and Submitting to Bryan, this is Lyndsey’s story. Orphaned at the age of four, Lyndsey Greene was raised by her parents’ best friends, Bob and Maeve Walsh. They’ve given her a good life and an education, but there has always been something missing, a longing she can’t quite put her finger on.

Dom before he met her. When he presents the idea to her of living the lifestyle once they’re married, she agrees without qualms. Her own adopted brother and his wife practice DD in their marriage, so the idea does not frighten her. Lyndsey has the perfect balance in her life, a fulfilling career with a local publisher, where she maintains control, and her submissive life at home, where she has willingly relinquished control to John.

But when she is let go from her job with no warning, her life begins to spin out of control. She no longer has the best of both worlds and is having a hard time finding any semblance of balance.

Will she go against John and make a move that will end their marriage and all they’ve built, or will John’s love be the force that keeps her on track and ultimately brings balance back into her life?

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