Perhaps she wasn’t the submissive type after all?

Nikki has always been envious of the Dom/sub relationship her friends have. But now that she has it, what has changed? At first, she had been so happy with it. Now, she and Scott seem to be trying to find their way.

Scott takes their relationship quite seriously. But what about Nikki? Perhaps she only thinks she is submissive?

But when the arrival of a seventeenth-century desk throws their lives into a tailspin, she finds herself forced to depend on him more than ever.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance is filled with action, adventure, and a theme of power exchange.


Nikki’s whimpering began quietly at first, but that soon turned to weeping as his hand came down harder.

“When we started this relationship we have now, we sat down and made rules about what each of us could expect from it. What do you expect from me, Nicole? Has it changed?” He paused, resting his hand on the little butt that was rapidly growing from fair to a fiery shade of red.

Nikki flinched as his hand touched her bare skin. “To protect me…”


“To cherish me. Sir.”

“Yes. And did you also expect me to follow through with discipline when you broke the rules we both set up?”

“Y-yes, Sir.” Her voice was small.

“And one of the things we agreed on was to be honest with each other. Isn’t that right, young lady?”

A cry answered, and another, as she whispered in between them. “Yes, Sir.”

“And were you?”

“No, Sir.”

Author Bio

Tessa Carr has been writing since she was a child, and entertaining her friends with stories about them. In the back of her mind, however, always lurked stories about romance, mystery, and adventure. Being a Navy brat and moving frequently to new places and meeting new people brought on new stories that hovered in her mind. 

The excitement of it never went away. Even today, those stories still hover. She loves writing historical, and for many years has written romantic historicals as Pippa Greathouse, but recently has begun the new genre of erotic contemporary mystery, suspense-thriller that often involves the Highway Patrol, FBI and police.

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