Angelica’s Rescuer by Pippa Greathouse


Angelica Dawson’s fiery temper often flared as red as her hair. But finding out from her Uncle Thomas that she was totally without options for her home and future, took the wind completely out of her sails. He was bringing a prospective husband to meet her the following day. All she knew about him was that he was wealthy, and that her uncle thought he would be kind to her.

Geoffrey Wellington came to Philadelphia in the spring of 1850 to meet Angelica because it was his father’s dying wish. Now that he was in charge of Pembroke’s Estate, along with a huge staff, he knew his father was right; he needed a wife by his side. When he walked in to find a young lady who was as defiant as she was beautiful, he found himself determined to tame her. But behind those emerald green eyes, a heart of generosity and kindness existed; he could see it. She, however, was every bit as determined not to be tamed, as he was to tame her.

But before she had been married to him a month, she had been shot at, assaulted by highwaymen, and taken to a clinic where the woman in charge was determined to spirit her away into a brothel. Geoffrey found himself in constant worry about her safety. Who was behind this? Constant battles of wills accompany their journey as what begins as a marriage of convenience becomes one of depth and eternal love neither of them expected!

Publisher’s disclaimer: Mild sexual scenes and adult discipline are a part of this action-filled romance.

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