Ava has spent most of her childhood building up emotional walls around her heart, and now that she’s an adult, she is constantly searching for physical pleasure to make up for her lack of emotional fulfillment. Most often, that pleasure comes in the form of sex, either by herself, or with her fellow college students. She is used to getting whomever she wants, whenever she wants, and dumping them if they start talking about a long term relationship.

Ava meets Mike when she takes her broken laptop to get fixed. Internally, she thinks about using him to hack her less than stellar grades and decides to seduce him. She finds him surprisingly experienced and kinky in the sack, and his casual dominant nature outside of the bedroom makes her crave more.

A week later, Ava meets Luke in her sociology class. When she finds out he’s the teaching assistant for the class, she decides to seduce him as well, to get a better grade, but he isn’t as easily swayed as Mike. His reluctance makes Ava more determined to get him in her bed, and she pursues him even though he seems to have the unnerving ability to see through her emotional walls and into her heart.

Dating two men at once can be tricky, especially when one is very dominant and holds her accountable for her mischief. Will she be able to keep them from finding out about each other, and if they do, will she be able to keep either one or lose them both?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance contains ménage, reverse harem, and power exchange themes.


His right hand patted her bottom in warning. “Ready for another spanking?”

“Oh, yes,” she moaned, grinding into his palm.

He started slapping her naked skin with the same light smacks he’d used before, but this time, he went at a slower pace. With each tap, her hips jerked forward just enough to push her clit against his palm.

Clearing his throat, he lectured while he spanked, “I am not going to tolerate bratty behavior or disobedience from you. You’d better get used to being good and obeying me, or get used to being over my knee getting your bare ass spanked.”

The slaps, the lecture, his fingers inside her, and his palm on her clit, all combined with the tension that had already built up in her body, pushing her over the edge so fast and hard that she saw stars behind her eyelids.

“Ah!” she cried out, and then cried out again and again as he continued to spank and started sliding his fingers in and out of her with his other hand. The sensation quickly became overwhelming, and she squeezed her thighs together, smashing his hand in place, and cried out, “Too much!”

He stopped spanking and said soothingly, “Okay, I’ll stop.”

She moved her thighs apart again, and he took his hand away. He gently patted her backside and said, “All done. Why don’t you pull up your panties, and then you can read your sociology while I clean up our dinner dishes and put the leftovers away?”

After pulling up her panties and standing, she whined, “More homework?”