She is the victim, and he is her captor. But when the time comes, can she really leave him?

Chloe has been set up. Hired to deliver an envelope to an address and hand it to the occupant, she has no idea where she has been sent. But she soon discovers that she has stumbled into a world she never knew existed, a world of rough, cruel men who live violent, secret lives. They work for the most secret part of the government, one that doesn’t exist officially. She didn’t mean to intrude into their space, but now she’s done it and they’ve caught her. But, perhaps to her good fortune, the first moment their leader, Jax, lays eyes on her, he claims her as his own.

Chloe must learn that she cannot trespass into their world without paying a price for it, and Jax will exact that price from her. She must be punished and conquered. She will learn that obedience to him is the only thing that will save her. But what Chloe doesn’t know yet is that Jax is never going to let her go. When she mistakenly entered their space, she sealed her fate. She must belong to Jax, body and soul, or the price she pays will be too great to bear.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy action romance contains graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.

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“What do you mean?” She was struggling to make sense of what he said.

“I mean that I’m going to punish you now. I’m going to spank you and then I’m going to strip you naked and give you a taste of my belt. And then I’m going to take you. I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. You’re going to scream for mercy and then you’re going to beg for more.”

“You’re crazy! You can’t do that to me! Who the hell do you think you are?” She was shocked and outraged at the things he said to her.

“I’m the man who owns you now. You’re mine and I will do what I please with you.”

She was speechless until he reached for her and then she went crazy, swinging her fists, clawing, kicking, trying to bite. He lifted her easily off the floor, pinning her arms against her sides and grunting when she connected with her flailing feet. He carried her into the kitchen and bent her forward over the table, holding her firmly at the small of her back, and he began peppering her bottom with hard smacks. Her struggles intensified and she shouted curses at him while he continued to spank her, setting her backside afire. When he lost patience with her struggling, he reached around her and unfastened her pants, jerking them down over her hips.

When the next brutally hard smack fell on her bare ass, she shrieked in protest. “No! Stop it, you can’t do this!”

He spanked her harder, each blow leaving a deep red handprint on her creamy skin. She wailed at the pain and he mercilessly smacked the tender spot at the top of her thighs. The heat in her backside grew and she dimly realized that heat was growing between her thighs as well. The moisture trickled down and her pussy felt hypersensitive, swollen and aching with need. Jax could see her arousal and he grinned in satisfaction. She was raising her butt to meet his smacks and his member was iron hard, aching to be buried deep inside her. But punishment had to come first.