Powerful passions, forbidden desires – a lifetime of pleasure at his command!

From gated mansions to ancient civilizations, from Roman generals to rugged bikers, explore Carol Storm’s magical realm — a world of dominating men and defiant women!

Polly Parker is a scientist thirsty for knowledge of alien worlds and vanished civilizations – but when she awakens hard-muscled warrior Jade Panther from his sleep of centuries the bright-eyed blonde falls into a sensual captivity that threatens to ensnare her very soul!

Merritt Alexander is a strong, successful woman, used to having it her way and having it all – until a tough young biker with electric blue eyes teaches her the power of surrender!

Alexandra, Brandy, and Clarissa are best friends backpacking in South America – but when they fall asleep in the shadow of an ancient stone idol they enter the realm of erotic dreams and life-changing magic! Sensible Alexandra finds herself serving as a Star Ship captain and answering the call of a broodingly sexy jungle warrior. Tough Brandy dreams of being a sexy jewel-thief saved from a life of crime by the old-fashioned discipline of a powerful billionaire. And dreamy Clarissa journeys back to ancient Britain, an innocent princess enslaved by a stern and powerful Roman general!

Carol Storm combines the sweetness of old-fashioned romance with the provocative excitement of domestic discipline to weave an unforgettable tapestry of fiery passion and endless love.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains elements of strict discipline, power exchange, explicit scenes and adult language. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.

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“You look mad enough to spank me right now,” Victor observed.

“That’s different,” Merit grumbled. “You’re an adult.”

“Yeah, and so are you.” The big biker studied Merit with piercing blue eyes. “I can understand why Maggie would snoop through my wallet. She’s a kid, and she’s scared. There probably hasn’t been a man in this house since your husband died. Am I right?”

“That’s none of your affair.” Heat colored Merit’s cheeks as she rose from her bedside chair.

“Maggie didn’t mean any harm. If anyone deserves a spanking, boss lady, it’s you. You’re just as much of a snoop, and just that much more of a hypocrite for denying it.”

Merit clenched her small fists tightly, holding them against her hips. “The only reason I don’t throw you out this instant, Mr. Crowne, is because you’re helpless and injured and it’s my fault.”

“And you want to screw me for hours in this great big bed.”

“You’re impossible!” The sudden spurt of laughter made Merit collapse back into her chair. “Victor, I’m a good mother. My family is the only thing that matters to me. Maggie and Madeline. Not hours and hours of sex, cheap sex with a man I hardly know. And certainly not spanking!”

“Discipline is a big part of your life, Merit,” Victor said reasonably. “It’s obvious that you enjoy being in control. But you’d have to give that up if you slept with me. In the bedroom, anyway. Spanking is not usually my thing, really, but that’s exactly what you’ll get if you try bossing me around.”

“Is being in control that important to you, Victor?” Merit asked curiously. “Frankly, you strike me as the out of control, reckless type. Maybe a woman in control is just what you need.”

“Not in the bedroom,” Victor snapped, fighting down the tiniest spark of arousal at the idea. “And not anywhere else, either. Freedom is the only thing that matters to me. That’s why I have my bike. No matter how rough things get with my garage, with keeping up on my payments, when I get out on the road I’m free. That’s why I spend so much time racing on the weekends.”

“Racing motorcycles,” Merit said sarcastically. “There’s a nice, safe hobby.”

For a moment she focused on Victor’s body, the size and strength of his big hands and the inviting curve of his lush mouth. To be held by such a man, to be completely in his power, excited her beyond belief. He was dominant, tempting and unattainable. And oh, so dangerously exciting. Merit was stunned by the intensity of her own middle-aged desires. She had to put the brakes on before she wiped out like… like some reckless hunk doing stunts on a motorcycle.

“It’s irresponsible to take risks for no reason,” she said primly, speaking as much to herself as to gorgeous Victor.

“Sure it’s dangerous,” Vic replied. “But it pays a lot of money when I win. And I win a lot.”

“And every time you race, there’s a chance you’ll lose everything. Your bike, your garage . . . even your life. Is it worth it?”