Amy McCray is on a mission to clear her half-brother of a murder charge. He was with a married woman at the time and, to protect her reputation, he has forbidden Amy or anyone else to mention the woman to the authorities. Now, that woman has disappeared.

Amy knows the only way to prove her brother’s innocence is to find her and convince her to go back and testify. She only has one clue to go on: The woman has a sister in Big Rock. Even though Amy has never met her in person, Big Rock is a small town. Surely a red-haired woman won’t be too hard to find!

What Amy doesn’t count on is a handsome sheriff getting in her way and thwarting her plans to do her own independent sleuthing. It also doesn’t help that he insists on ensuring her safety, and isn’t hesitant to dish out some Western justice when she doesn’t follow his rules.

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