The passion of Charles and Emily continues. Emily now has everything she could possibly wish for, a loving, handsome, dominant husband, a noble title, fine clothes, parties, and wonderful holidays.

But there is one thing her heart desires more than any of those luxuries, the child she and Charles so desperately want and have not been able to conceive. As is usually the case, things are in turmoil in the Remington household, and when Emily is suddenly thrust into the role of the Duchess of Remington, she must learn to put that desire to rest in the farthest corners of her heart, at least for a time.

The rules still apply, even for a duchess, and Charles takes her to task if she breaks them. But Emily will learn, as time goes on, she is married to a man who loves and cherishes her more with each passing day, and he will do anything to fulfill her every desire.

Publisher’s Warning: A sensual Regency romance containing consensual spankings

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