It would be hard to miss the rising star Breanna Hayse, a very hot author at Blushing Books.  All four of her released titles are in the top ten rated books at Blushing Books based on customer reviews.  I thought it would be interesting to find out a little more about Bree.

Do you use a pen name, and if so, how did you come up with it?

Yes, I do- I needed to do something to protect the innocent! Breanna is my middle name and Hayse is my maiden name. My friends and (my husband) John do call me Bree.

Tell me about your latest release

Lost and Found is a personal favorite of mine.  It’s about a woman (Noelle) who was found outside Area 51 after being shot.  She is taken to the hospital and is cared for by hot Dr. Lance Callahan. Seemingly, due to a blow on the head, Noelle’s adult memory is wiped out and she adopts a little girl persona- immediately charging Lance as ‘daddy’.  Because he’s such a sweet pushover, he takes her home to be cared for by his visiting, but heart broken, sister in hopes the two women will help one another heal. The story evolves with her ‘re-growth’ into adulthood as she learns first-hand about love, forgiveness and acceptance.  During this time, Noelle’s special ‘secret’ starts to rattle the family’s nerves and things begin to unravel as her origins are discovered. Together, the Callahan clan discovers that anything lost will be found and anything found, will never be lost again.

Like all my books, I hope to relate something of import that will affect the lives of my readers and convey a message of value.  This piece was inspired by a real life physician who took over the care of a young woman who had advanced AIDs.  Sadly, their story did not end happily-  but the time he spent with her changed his life and so many others.  He now volunteers his time working in AIDs hospice centers trying to help other victims, and their families, find peace.

What is your favorite story/book that you have ever written and why?
OH MY!  Ok- this is like asking a mom who her favorite kid is.  I love all my books because each of them has a piece of my heart.  Probably my favorite is the Generals’ Daughter.  Nope- you guys haven’t seen it yet.  I’m hoping we might be able to release it soon.  It is a loooooong one and is divided into, at least, 7 books.
It is based on my experience (and my first real exposure to D&S) from my time in the USMC. It is my ultimate fantasy, too. The first few books are strictly familial- so anyone who enjoys reading about Daddys, Uncles, and brothers in a strict military household (with lots of adventure and prank pulling) will definitely enjoy it.  LOTS of spankings, needless to say! LOL! It advances to the plot where Samantha meets Rich- a super-hot engineering officer with a dark side.  He introduces her to D&S and some age play.  The plot thickens with multiple characters and even more adventures.  Again, if you like spanking fiction, dominant men, and little sister/big brother plays, this one is for you.


How many books have you written? Are they all spanking fiction?
OY!  Ok, so I have four released with Blushing right now- The Game Plan, Time Out: Game Plan Book 2, The Maze and Lost and Found.  We are getting ready to release the fifth- Serendipity Ranch.  In addition, I have two others completed (The Generals’ Daughter and Guardian Domination) plus several others in the works.  Of course they are all spanking fiction!  Although, not all of them go to the hoochy side.


How long have you been writing spanking fiction?
Since I was 14.  Yeah, my kink started early.  In fact, the original version of Generals’ Daughter was started as an escape from reality.  I remember sticking a couple of spankings into the story, wondering if my friends would notice when they read it.  It didn’t take long before my little group of readers was asking for the next chapter.  It’s a wonder I didn’t get teased- the darn book circulated throughout the school!  Who would have thunk?


Are you okay in your kink?
OMG- More than ok.  I love my life (when I’m not getting into extreme trouble, that is).  John and I live D&S 24/7; it dictates how we communicate, conduct ourselves, solve problems and grow in our relationship.  Our age-play comes into view when my behavior warrants being either ‘put in my place’ or when I need an escape from my real life stressors.  I feel safe, secure, cherished and cared for by the most wonderful man in creation.  Who wouldn’t be ok with that?  Of course, I DO like my ‘chicken tenders’ (our code for bun warmings) when they are given in play!


Is writing your full time gig?
No- unfortunately it is not.  I work full time as a hospice nurse.  The job, though, does allow me to spend a lot of time writing during my shift work. I also have a Master’s degree in Psychology with a specialty in deviant behavior.  Surprised?


What do you like to see in spanking fiction?
You can always tell when an author loves his/her characters and relates to them.  I enjoy ‘real life’ interactions, playfulness, and interesting stories with direction that contain discipline- not discipline that has a story tossed in.  I’m a dialogue chick- which goes along with the character relationship development.  Because I do live the lifestyle, I also look for some reality in that the author either knows (verses fantasizes) about the interactions/discipline sessions or that they’ve done their homework.  I’ve gotten some flack about some items in my books from individuals who feel I write ‘too harsh’ at times.  I assure you, the disciplines that are described have occurred at one point or another and none are exaggerated (by Gilmore at dhead inc).  I even run the descriptions by John regarding his opinion of the appropriateness and use of the particular implements.


What is your writing process?
I drive my poor editor crazy with this one!  He is forever trying to get me to write an outline, but my muse forbids it.  Something ‘clicks’ inside my mind- the spark of inspiration (which usually can be influenced after getting some ‘chicken tenders’) strikes and I get a title.  I start to mull over the opening line and, once that is developed, the story starts to flow from there.  The most fun I have is that I rarely know where the story is going to go, what type of trouble the character is going to get into, or how it will end.  It’s almost like I’m reading a book while I’m writing it!  The more excited I get in trying to find out what happens next, the faster I write.  The Maze, for example, threw me for a loop!  I had no idea that the surprise at the end was going to happen.  Drove John nuts with that one. LOL!


What’s your take on consensual vs. non-consensual spankings in fiction?
Ahhh, the ongoing conflict.  My husband hears this from me quite often.  I consent when I want to have fun and withdraw that consent when he needs to discipline me. Unfortunately (for me) it doesn’t work that way.  In a nutshell, consensual spanking (in both fiction and reality) occur when the submissive knowingly involves her/himself in a relationship where spanking/discipline is practiced. They know the possibility exists and, even so, remain in that relationship despite the probability that it will occur.  They have a choice to leave- but do not.  All healthy D&S/D&D relationships are consensual.  Unhealthy ones, sadly, tend to become abusive and lean towards being non-consensual (the submissive is too afraid to leave or is being held again her/his will by financial, emotional or physical blackmail). Non-consensual implies that the individual facing discipline has no choice or recourse and is forced to endure the punishment of the delivering authority (I.e. judicial punishment, enslavement, and, of course, the involvement with minors.) I also wish to point out that a non-consensual spanking can still be done in a loving and caring manner, hence the difference being judicial punishment (none emotional) and domestic discipline (development and nurturing).  This, in fact, was a source of conflict with my latest book: Lost and Found where a 9 year old child got spanked due to following the poor example set by her mother. It was an important part of the story because it showed the consequences of how our actions affect ourselves and others.  It was non-consensual- but administered with love to make a lasting impression.


What traits make a hero hot to you?
I have to say- John is the hottest hero I’ve even had.  All my male heroes are molded with my husband’s characteristics. They have to be intelligent, dominant and with purpose, decisive, in control of himself, protective and confident.  Being great looking is a big plus too! I like them big (it makes me feel smaller and more vulnerable) and not afraid to make a move or make a change. As a well-practiced brat, I have very little respect for weak or wishy washy men or women, so it would be hard for me to write anyone like that as a hero in one of my books.


What gives your heroines strength?
Intelligence, gumption and drive are the key components to my heroines, as well as a talent for sass and stubbornness.  They are often mirror images of the heroes, which is why there are sparks flying when the two collide.  She does not give her submission easily to anyone- she demands he earn the privilege to be in control and will challenge him continuously to make him prove he deserves the position.  John is always telling me that I have to stop trying to Top from the Bottom, but that’s just how it is if he wants to keep things balanced. You’ll see this reflected quite often in my books.


Are you like any of your heroines?
Each of my leading ladies are part of me in one way or another.  The most similar though is Sammi (The Generals’ Daughter), Serena (Serendipity Ranch), and Celeste (Guardian Domination).  The latter is based on my real relationship with John prior to becoming romantically involved, so it really expresses who I am and how I think.


Are you working on a new book right now?
YES!  Perl of Great Price.  My editor came up with this one to challenge me (he loves giving out homework)!  It’s about a NY mafia princess who escapes the mob, gets horribly lost, and finds an unlikely hero in a West Pennsylvania diner.  He doesn’t want anything to do with women and is only focused on returning to his Texas cattle ranch when he finds himself in the middle of a gunfight to save her.  With much whining and begging, he finally agrees to take her with him back to Texas until the remainder of the warring mob gives up their search for her or goes to jail. Well, Miss Perlita is a bit on the spoiled and stubborn side, and Hank has had enough of her royal commands.  The way to Texas proves to be an uncomfortable journey for her bottom, but that is only the beginning!  He demands she actually works for her keep on his ranch! To a women raised with a silver spoon in her mouth, this option is no worse than having to deal with the gangsters. She has no choice though… Things progress and when the mobsters show up in town, Great Price, Texas is ready for them!


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