In case you haven’t noticed, it’s winter, and the season’s icy grip has taken hold in some areas that normally don’t see cold and snow weather. As we speak, Atlanta and other southern states are digging out from a snowstorm and wondering exactly what just happened.

Enjoy this free winter selection.

But the one good thing about cold weather is that it gives us all an excuse to sit by the fire and read, and in honor of the season Blushing Books has a treat guaranteed to heat you up and soothe your case of cabin fever. Until January 30, we’re giving away a free copy of Carolyn Faulkner’s Where Fools Rush In.

The story follows an artist named Leah, who moves to the Wyoming wilderness only to run afoul of her ex-spy neighbor Pace Manning. Manning thinks Leah could use some manners, and takes it upon himself to teach her.

While you’re picking up your free copy, please take time to check out some of our other recommended books like Mountain Man, in which tough-as-nails Tom brings back something he didn’t expect from his trip to the mercantile – a defiant stowaway named Nora. Or if nature adventures are your thing, check out Pack Leader by Fiona Wilde, and follow the adventures of biologist Casey Everson, who butts heads with a handsome rancher while investigating a series of mysterious wolf deaths.

These are just a small sampling of titles that will heat up these cold winter nights. So grab a glass of cocoa, fire up your e-Reader and treat yourself to some Blushing reads. Oh, and please keep in mind that this free offer is just our seasonal selection. On Friday we’ll update the site with more titles and another free book, so be sure to check back in and stock your virtual shelf for weekend reading!