The seductive bad-boy billionaire…

Backpacking through the UK, cheeky American runaway Charity is thrilled to find a new home with Lady Beddington. But gentle Lady Beddington has a nephew, dark-eyed and seductive Harry. The bad-boy billionaire is determined to make Charity a lady his way — even if it means a dose of old-fashioned British discipline along the way!

Three times the passion – three times the mischief – three times the fun with three full-length steamy romances featuring: Burning Innocence, Burning Captivity, and Burning Triumph.

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“N-no, my lord, not nervous. I was just… I was just…” Charity had no idea what to say next. She knew a lot of things, thanks to her fancy feminist education in New York, but she had no idea how to play the part of a naughty little chambermaid who needed a good spanking.

“You were just meeting the grocer’s boy down by the garden gate,” Harry supplied smoothly. “I saw you through the parlor window, but the image wasn’t clear because the glass was so dirty and smeared. Just like the silver of my aunt’s tea service. You have been neglecting your duties, my girl. You need a lesson.”

“Yes, my lord.” Charity couldn’t help it. She just had to put her hand between her legs. By now she wasn’t even thinking about the real world. All she wanted was to fall into her role completely. Her lips were parted, and she was leaning closer and closer to Harry with every breath.

“Stop it.” Harry’s hand clamped on her wrist just as her fingers were slipping inside her jeans. “We’re in a public place. We’re at Dino’s near Blackfriars Bridge, listening to rock and roll.”

“Link Wray and his Ray Men.” Charity was still in a bit of a sex-induced fog. “Rumble.”

“The lady knows her music.” Harry’s smile was devastating. But when his fascinating dark brown eyes lit up like that Charity couldn’t tell if he was falling for her or laughing at her. Maybe all this was funny to him! After all, Harry could see the way she ate up his old-fashioned style of discipline. The moment he became lord and master she fell right under his spell, like a little zombie!

“Yes, well play time is over.” Charity scowled fiercely at the sound of her voice. So husky and hoarse, for some reason. “This lady likes being treated like a lady, not a naughty child.” She cleared her throat. She wanted to sound crisp and cool like Lady Beddington, not like a lovesick frog.

“No worries,” Harry said lightly, his eyes locked right on hers. “I like your independent spirit. I like it even when I’m spanking your behind. What I don’t like is seeing you doubt yourself. If you’re going to hang around my aunt – and me – do it because you like us, because you enjoy our company. Not because you’re scared to stand up to us, or scared to strike out on your own.”

“I’m not scared of anything!” Charity deliberately stuffed her greedy little mouth with golden chips. “I like myself the way I am, and no amount of spanking is going to change that. You think you can hammer together a brand new me, just like you’d hammer together a brand new motorcycle!”

“I like old motorcycles, actually. And lazy, sloppy girls, and forgotten rock and roll music.”