Barbie is a journalist for Real Rodeo TV. She travels to all the televised rodeos and looks to make her mark on the world. When given an opportunity to do in-depth interviews with rodeo stars, cowboys and other participants, in a live broadcast outside of the rodeo events, she jumps at the chance.

Her first interview is with bareback rodeo champion, Montana Bear Claw, a Nez Perce Native American who is low-key, charming and private. He flirts with her on-camera and it flusters and flatters her all at the same time. As they get to know each other, a situation develops which throws them together in a more urgent way: who is murdering rodeo bullfighters?

Working as a team, Barbie and Montana need to figure out this mystery and stop the killings as quickly as possible. In the meantime, Montana’s parents are dead set against him having an Anglo girlfriend. Can Barbie and Montana find the killer and stop him or her? How will their relationship grow or fall apart under the strain of her ambition, his need for privacy, and his parents’ pressure to conform?

This is Book Two in the Rodeo Roughies series with its own characters and separate storyline and a happily ever after.

Publisher Notes: This contemporary Western romance contains elements of action, adventure, mystery, suspense, sensual scenes and power exchange.

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“Bed, now, Ms. Delaney.”

He let her off the couch and she raced down the hall to the master bedroom, shucking her clothes as she went. Bear was right behind her. He grabbed her around the waist and tossed her on the bed, coming down around her on hands and knees. She felt enrobed in his love as he leaned over her. As he balanced above her, he kissed her all over her face, then her neck. Following some invisible pathway, he continued kissing lower until he arrived at her breasts. He kissed them too, settling on suckling them until she arched and moaned. His kisses were passionate and even frenzied, drawing her excitement up to a fever pitch.

Lower went the kisses, until he was settled low on the bed and had his face near her mons. One little lick was all he gave it, and frustration made her call his name. “Bear! More!”

He chuckled, the low rumble reverberating through her pelvis. Teasing her more with his tongue, he finally concentrated his efforts on her clit until she was writhing beneath him and he had to hold her hips down with both hands. She offered her body for his use, knowing he would love her in all the ways she liked best.

She panted and fretted, grabbing his hair and pressing his head down so he would do more exciting things. When he pressed a finger into her sopping vagina, her body jumped into oblivion, the orgasm rocking her both mentally and physically. Before she could come down all the way, he rolled her over onto her belly and, kneeling up behind her, he pulled her pelvis up until she was on hands and knees. She stretched like a cat, knowing he was going to take her and use her to pleasure them both.

Kneading her breasts made her moan after a short time, and while she arched and presented her most sensitive parts, he took her nipples and pinched.

“Ah!” She could feel him hard behind her. Another pinch had her head spinning. She squirmed back against him, rubbing her exposed pussy against his testicles and cock.

“You taste good, sayáq’ic. I might have to stop to lick my fingers.”

“Oh, God. Don’t stop!” He was killing her. She wanted him inside her so bad. Rubbing back again got her a spank. “Ouch!”

He did it again, then played with her pussy. His clever fingers traveled to her clit and teased her.

She couldn’t help it. She squirmed against him more. He spanked her again several times. It hurt but it felt good. Confusion swam through her mind. How could it be that she liked what she didn’t like?

Hearing the tell-tale wrapper, Barbie’s excitement level leaped. Now that they were both protected, he pushed his cock half way into her then withdrew. Arching, she pressed back, searching for the object of her desire. Bear spanked her a few more times, then pressed most of the way inside. Groaning, she begged him to fill her.

“I might.” He filled her pussy but quickly withdrew. She nearly wept with frustration. He spanked her a half dozen times. She was beginning to get excited by the spanks. They indicated something good to come.


“Please what?”

“Spank me, fuck me! Don’t make me wait!”

A volley of spanks hit both sides of her bottom and the sting was growing. “Ahh!”

He filled her and began to make love to her in earnest. In, out, he rocked his cock deep into her, but with nearly every stroke, he spanked her. She was beginning to lose grip on whether it was the spanks or the strokes feeling so good.

“Bear! Yes!”

Saying nothing with his mouth, his body spoke volumes. He speared her and smacked her behind until she was crying out.

“Show me how hot you are, ayat.”

She hadn’t realized she’d been holding anything back. Jamming her body back on his cock so hard she felt it deep inside, she rocketed over the moon. “Bear!”