Beating the Bounds by Sarah Coltman

For over 2000 years, the custom of Beating the Bounds has taken place in Britain in a variety of forms and guises. Traditionally taking place on Ascension Day, its roots lie in Celtic times but the Romans and the Anglo Saxons added their own embellishments, and when Christianity came to Britain, the customs were continued. Both stripped willow and birch woods were the most favored, probably due to their pliancy. Whilst it was usual to knock on the ground or cornerstones of the parish boundaries with the sticks, the ceremony also required adolescent boys to be well switched on their behinds, or held upside down and their heads bumped.

Ami and Daniel are Empty Nesters who have moved to live in an old house in the depths of the English countryside. In order to save their flagging relationship and refresh their boring sex lives, Ami has decided she needs to change. She reinvents herself, much to the delight of her husband of over thirty years, proving that passion and variety are no longer the reserve of the young.

More significantly, on the day she types the word ‘spanking’ into her computer, she realizes that a little domestic discipline may be just what they need in their marriage. Although initially somewhat nervous of what it might entail, Daniel takes to spanking Ami like a duck takes to water, surprising her with the ease in which he has settled into his role as head of household.

All goes well until Ami begins to meet some village locals, and lets herself get happily led astray. A simple customer is turned into a marathon spanking session, and Ami will never view the ritual of Beating the Bounds in the same way again.

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